I. Rationale and Purpose

This document is intended as a statement of departmental policies regarding the functioning of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, and thus to provide the guidelines and bylaws whereby the work of the department may be carried out in conformity to and consistent with the policies of Louisiana State University and the College of Humanities & Social Sciences.

II. Definition of Faculty

  1. In accordance with both university policy as contained in PS-50 and in the bylaws of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, the faculty of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies shall consist of all members of the academic staff having the rank of Instructor or higher who are appointed full-time for at least a one-year period to work in part or in whole in the department.
  2. All members of the faculty may vote on all departmental matters unless specifically excluded by university or college policies, such as in cases of tenure and promotion.

III. Department Chair

  1. Responsibilities
    1. In accordance with PS-50, the department chair shall serve as the executive officer of the department, and is responsible to the Chancellor through the dean of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences and the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.
    2. The chair shall be responsible for fulfilling the duties outlined in PS-50, the bylaws of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, and other such duties as may be prescribed by university or college policies.
  2. Appointment
    1. In accordance with the bylaws of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, the chair shall be appointed by the dean of the College following consultation with the entire faculty of the department. The chair shall be a member of the department and shall serve as the representative of the department to the administration.
    2. The departmental faculty may make a recommendation to the dean regarding the appointment or reappointment of the chair according to the following procedure:
      1. At a meeting of the faculty, the names of eligible faculty members who are willing to be considered for appointment as chair shall be solicited through nomination (including self nomination).
      2. If there is only one nominee, a vote shall be taken by secret ballot whereby faculty members may vote their assent or their objection to the nominee. If the nominee receives a simple majority of affirmative votes, the nominee's name and the results of the vote shall be forwarded to the dean.
      3. If there are two or more nominees, such nominees shall be asked to prepare statements to be presented to a meeting of the faculty within three weeks of the nominating meeting. After nominees have presented their statements to the faculty, a period of discussion will follow before a vote is taken by secret ballot. The results of this vote shall be forwarded to the dean.
  3. Term of Office
    1. In accordance with PS-50 and College bylaws, the chair holds office at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors, normally for a period of three years.
    2. The chair may be reappointed for one additional term of office, but cannot serve more than six consecutive years in office. Prior to the final semester of the final year of the chair's first term in office, the faculty shall meet to gather the names of any additional nominees and to recommend a candidate to the dean according to the process detailed in section III.B.2.
    3. Chairs who have served six consecutive years will not be eligible for another term in office before three years after the completion of their final term.

IV. Revisions and Amendments

  1. This document may be revised and/or amended by a two-thirds vote of all eligible voting faculty.
  2. Proposed revisions and amendments shall be distributed to all voting members of the faculty at least two weeks before the official vote is taken. Faculty members unable to be present for the vote may vote an absentee ballot in advance of the scheduled vote.



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