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Pershing Rifles

The purpose of the National Society of Pershing Rifles is to develop, to the highest degree possible, outstanding traits of leadership, military science, military bearing, and discipline within the framework of a military oriented, honorary fraternity. — General of the Armies John J. Pershing.



Cadets of the Ole War Skule

The Cadets of the Ole War Skule is a service and fraternal organization which strives to preserve and strengthen a spirit of camaraderie among its members, to foster and perpetuate patriotism and to strengthen a sense of individual allegiance to LSU. Upon commissioning, cadets from Tiger Battalion are given a one-year membership into the Cadets of the Ole War Skule.


Any student in the Army ROTC program is welcome to join any of these organizations, with the exception of The Ole War Skule and Scotch Guard.

The Ole War Skule is an alumni organization for Tiger Battalion, and all new 2nd Lieutenants are invited to join once they receive their commission.

Scotch Guard is the women's auxiliary to Tiger Battalion, and all LSU students who are looking to not only serve their community and university, but also Tiger Battalion, are welcome to join.