Let's Change Lives

Core Funding Area: Student Opportunities

Funding Goal

$45 million



We don’t simply graduate students. We shatter ceilings. From the moment we invite students to consider Humanities & Social Sciences until we shake their hands at graduation, we offer experiences that instill self-confidence and prepare our graduates to lead, serve, and shape our world.

The funding goal for Student Opportunities is $45 million, with $35 million for scholarships and micro grants and $10 million for study abroad.


Gifts to fund student opportunities will:

  • leverage micro grants to close the financial gap for students who could not otherwise afford to graduate

  • expand access to study abroad and internship experiences that broaden students' worldviews

  • give every student, regardless of financial background, the opportunity to leave LSU knowing that any dream is within reach


Together, our investments in student opportunities will change lives.

Our Vision: hss.lsu.edu/letschangelives