Core Funding Area: Fund for the Future

Let's Change Lives

Every LSU student, regardless of major, takes coursework in our college.

Core Funding Area: Fund for the Future

Funding Goal

$5 million



We can't predict everything tomorrow will bring, but we can make sure we're ready for anything that comes our way. The "LSU experience" is characterized by a commitment to quality, one that requires aligning ever-evolving opportunities and challenges with resources to meet them.

The Fun for the Future goal is $5 million.


Gifts to fund the future will:

  • enhance experiences, bolstering recruitment and retention efforts by hosting guest speakers and other programming focused on attracting and retaining outstanding students and faculty

  • serve the unique needs of first-generation college students, who comprise nearly 20 percent of Humanities & Social Sciences' student body


Together, our investments in a fund for the future will change lives.

Our Vision: