Core Funding Area: Endowed Deanship

Let's Change Lives

Stephen and Julie Herbert announced a gift to the endowed deanship after ringing in the closing bell at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

Core Funding Area: Endowed Deanship

Funding Goal

$5 million



Strong leaders turn vision into action. Permanent, stable funding ensures our ability to attract, recruit, and retain the hightest caliber deans...forever. And once here, those leaders will be able to nimbly respond to current needs and direct resources to emerging opportunities.

The Endowed Deanship goal is $5 million.


Gifts to fund an endowed deanship will:

  • build a well-resourced college
  • secure a reliable stream of flexible funding
  • enable the dean to invest in premier opportunities benefiting our faculty and students for generations to come


Together, our investments in an endowed deanship will change lives.

Our Vision: