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Global/World Organizations

The American Forum for Global Education

The American forum for Global Education is a private, not-for-profit organization, founded in 1970, to promote the education of American youth for responsible citizenship in an increasingly interdependent and rapidly changing world.

120 Wall Street, Suite 2600New York, NY 10005

The International Foundation for Election Systems

IFES is a nonprofit democracy development organization that works to give people a voice in the way that they are governed. Formerly the International Foundation for Election Systems, IFES is the world's premiere election assistance organization, providing countries with the technical advice and tools they need to run democratic elections.

IFES 1101 15th Street NW, Third Floor,Washington, D.C. 20005Tel: (202) 350-6700Fax: (202) 452-0804

The United Nations

The purposes of the United Nations, as set forth in the Charter, are to maintain international peace and security; to develop friendly relations among nations; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems and in promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in attaining these ends.

Department of Public Information United Nations, S-378New York, NY 10017Tel: (212) 963-7162Fax: (212) 963-7055

National Organizations


National Council for Social Studies [NCSS]

Founded in 1921, National Council for the Social Studies has grown to be the largest association in the country devoted solely to social studies education. NCSS engages and supports educators in strengthening and advocating social studies.

8555 Sixteenth Street Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Smithsonian Institution

The world's largest museum complex and research organization composed of 16 museums and the National Zoo in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, and 2 museums in New York City.

Office of Education Arts and Industry Building 1163Washington, D.C. 20560

The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections.

101 Independence Ave Washington, D.C. 20540(202) 707-5000


United States Institute of Peace

The United States Institute of Peace is an independent nonpartisan, national institution established and funded by Congress. Its goals are to help prevent and resolve violent conflicts, promote post-conflict stability and development, and increase peacebuilding capacity, tools, and intellectual capital worldwide. The Institute does this by empowering others with knowledge, skills, and resources, as well as by directly engaging in peace building efforts around the globe.

1200 17th Street NW, Suite 200Washington, DC 20036(202) 429-3832

Center for Civic Education

The Center for Civic Education is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational corporation dedicated to promoting and enlightened and responsible citizenry committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy in the United States and other countries.

Main Office: Center for Civic Education 5145 Douglas Fir Road Calabasas, CA 91302-1440Tel: (818) 591-9321Fax: (818) 591-9330

The American Political Science Association

The American Political Science Association, founded in 1903, is the leading professional organization for the study of political science and serves more than 15,000 members in over 80 countries. With a range of programs and services for individuals, departments and institutions, APSA brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavours within and outside academe in order to expand awareness and understanding of politics.

American Political Sciences Association 1527 New Hampshire Ave, NW Washington, DC 20036-1206Tel: (202) 483-2512Fax: (202) 483-2657


The Federal Reserve Bank [Atlanta]

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and its branch offices provide economic education opportunities to teachers, students, and others through a variety of programs and outreach efforts.

New Orleans Branch:

525 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70130(504) 593-3256

The Jump Start Coalition for Financial Literacy

Jump$tart is a national coalition of organizations dedicated to improving the financial literacy of kindergarten through college-age youth by providing advocacy, research, standards and educational resources. Jump$start strives to prepare youth for life-long successful financial decision-making.

919 18th Street, NW Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006Tel: (888) 45-EDUCATEFax: (202) 223-0321

National Council for Economic Education [NCEE]

The National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) is a nationwide network that leads in promoting economic literacy with students and their teachers. NCEE's mission is to help students develop the real-life skills they need to succeed: to be able to think and choose responsibly as consumers, savers, investors, citizens, members of the workforce, and effective participants in a global economy.

1140 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036Tel: (212) 730-7007 or 1-800-338-1192Fax: (212) 730-1793


National Geographic Society

Since 1888, we've travelled the Earth, sharing its amazing stories with each new generation. The Society's Mission Programs support critical expeditions and scientific fieldwork; encourage geography education for students; promote natural and cultural conservation; and inspire audiences through new media, vibrant exhibitions, and live events. Witness the mission in action, and get involved today!

1145 17th Street NW Washington, DC 20036


National Council for History Education

The National Council for History Education is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the importance of history in schools and society.

The National Council for History Education 26915 Westwood Road, Suite B-2 Westlake, OH 44145-4657Tel: (440) 835-1776Fax: (440) 835-1295

United States National Archives and Records Administration

The National Archives and Records Administration serves American democracy by safeguarding and preserving the records of our Government, ensuring that the people can discover, use, and learn from this documentary heritage. We ensure continuing access to the essential documentation of the right of American citizens and the actions of their government. We support democracy, promote civic education, and facilitate historical understanding of our national experience.

The National Archives and Records Administration 8601 Adelphi Road College Park, MD 20740-6001