*Obtaining your parking tag is part of New Employee Orientation.

The University is committed to providing adequate on-campus parking for all students, employees, and visitors who use an automobile as transportation to and from campus. The LSU campus is designated as a “walking” campus, with traffic restricted in some areas during the work day.

To park a vehicle on campus, you must register with the Parking and Transportation Services, in the Public Safety Building, on South Stadium Road. Office personnel will assist you in selecting a parking plan to suit your needs. LSU and Southern University “hangtags” are recognized as valid parking tags on either campus.

The Visitor Center, the central point of contact for visitors to campus, provides information, maps, and visitor parking passes to any office or event at LSU. Additional information about parking may be obtained by calling 578-5000 or at the Visitor Center.

Parking Tips For New Employees

All employee vehicles parked on the LSU campus must have a parking permit displayed. To accommodate you, Parking and Transportation Services offers three parking plans to fit the budgets and needs of LSU employees. Although your needs may change over time, regardless of whether you choose A, B, or C parking, please read the following tips on C-Lot parking in order to maximize your parking options throughout your employment at LSU.

Entry into a C-Lot is based on availability, and wait times vary according to the demand for a particular lot. Some lots have no wait times, so please inquire about these lots if you need C-Lot parking immediately. It is recommended that you add your name to the C-Lot system even if you do not have immediate plans to use C-Lot parking.

  1. Add your name to the C-Lot waiting list of your choice. There is no charge for this request.
  2. The date of your request becomes your official date of entry into the C-Lot system.
  3. C-Lot parking and changes between C-Lots are based on your official date of entry into the C-Lot system.
  4. Please retain a copy of your C-Lot request as proof of your official date of entry into the C-Lot system.
  5. When you are notified of an available space in the C-Lot that you requested, you may accept the or decline the offer.
  6. Declining a C-Lot offer does not remove you from the C-Lot system, and your official date of entry into the C-Lot system will not change.
  7. Charges for C-Lot parking are only incurred upon acceptance of a C-Lot offer.