HR Staff Directory

For general HR related questions, contact HRM at 225-578-8200 or


First Name Last Name Position  Phone Number Email
Clay Jones Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer 225-578-7270
Niki Norton Assistant Vice President  225-578-8296



Learn more about the Benefits and Retirement division. 

First Name  Last Name  Position  Phone Number Email 
Sheantel Baker Director, Benefits and Retirement 225-578-8397
Katti Galatas Associate Director, Benefits  225-578-1324  
Belinda  Doyle Assistant Director, Retirement 225-578-8293
Todd Langlois Manager, Retirement 225-578-1880 
Jennifer  Popov Senior Benefits Consultant 225-578-8582  
Will Merrill Senior Benefits Consultant  225-578-5923 
Shannon Thomas  Benefits Coordinator 225-578-3330 
Destin  Talley Benefits Coordinator 225-578-8609



Learn more about the Compensation division. 

First Name  Last Name  Position  Phone Number Email
Joyce Whitfield Director, Compensation  225-578-8396  
Courtney Mitchell Manager, Compensation  225-578-1649  
Chelsea Juneau Senior Compensation Consultant  225-578-8390
Halie Jerkins Compensation Consultant  225-578-4341
Jamie Vienne Compensation Consultant  225-578-9241
Nicholas Lambert-Oswald Compensation Consultant  225-578-2463
Lakeesa  Revish Compensation Analyst  225-578-3509  


Employee Relations 

Learn more about the Employee Relations division. 

First name Last Name Position Phone Number Email
Jennifer Normand  Executive Director, Employee Relations and Shared Operations Services  225-578-4277
Lindsay  Madatic Associate Director, Employee Relations  225-578-1521
Sharessa  Parker Senior Employee Relations Consultant 225-578-6269


HR Business Partner

First Name Last Name Position  Phone Number Email
Charles Phillips HR Business Partner 225-578-4927


HR Assistant

First Name Last Name Position Phone Number Email
Ben Harper  HR Assistant  225-578-4866 


Human Resource Information System (HRIS) 

First Name Last Name Position Phone Number Email
Lisa Gillen Director, HRIS and Shared Operation Services (S.O.S.) 225-578-0132  
Evan  Gautier  Lead HR Analyst  225-578-8741
Lindsey Saunders Senior HRIS Analyst  225-578-3544  
Kayla Guillot  HRIS Analyst  225-578-6334
Andriette Anderson HR Analyst  225-578-2967
Madison Foss  HR Analyst  225-578-7316
Shelby  Lednicky HR Analyst  225-578-8195


Talent Acquisition 

Learn more about the Talent Acquisition division. 

First Name  Last Name  Position  Phone Number Email
Lauren Foster Manager, Talent Acquisition 225-578-8286  
Jake Sicard Talent Acquisition Specialist 225-578-8334
Joseph Dunbar Talent Acquisition Specialist 225-578-5492 
Morgan Bell Talent Acquisition Specialist 225-578-7337
Sara El Kadi Talent Acquisition Specialist 225-578-7164 
Makayla Holden Talent Acquisition Data Analyst 225-578-2064


Time & Absence

Learn more about the Time & Absence division. 

First Name Last Name Position  Phone Number  Email
Karen  Magee Manager, Time and Absence  225-578-6003
Feletsa Rivet Time & Absence Partner 225-578-1651 


Training & Organizational Development

Learn more about the Training & Organizational Development division. 

First Name Last Name  Position  Phone Number Email
Liesel Walker Director, Training and Organizational Development  225-578-8399  
Anissa Mimms Training and Organizational Development Manager 225-578-3566
Emily  Heistand Training and Organizational Development Analyst 225-578-6601 
Genevieve  Amick Training and Organizational Development Specialist 225-578-8201