FAQs: PM-11 Disclosures

All full-time employees of the University including faculty, other academic, unclassified and classified, are required to abide by this presidential memorandum at all times, including during regular and summer term and while on paid or unpaid leave. (PM11-I.A)

If you are a faculty member, you are required to disclose any outside employment at all times of the year, even if you are not currently teaching (e.g., summer break, other paid/unpaid leave). Faculty members are full-time employees year-round whether or not they are teaching.

Outside employment is defined as any non-University activity for which economic benefit is received (PM11-I.B). This includes employment with another entity, contracts for consulting or personal services, or self-employment.

Yes. All work outside of LSU needs to be reported.

A PM-11 is required when you are receiving a stipend or honorarium payment for your services. A PM-11 is not required if you are only being reimbursed for travel costs (travel, lodging, per diem).

There are three specific types of outside employment which will not be approved.

  • University employees may not receive compensation to assist in the passage or defeat of legislation, except from the Louisiana Legislature, or any agency within the legislative branch.
  • Employees may not supervise non-university research, unless it is not feasible to seek a contract through LSU.
  • Employees may not participate in contracts or employment which are considered to be a violation of the Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics.

Blanket approvals for outside employment will also not be granted.

No. When faculty are traveling to another institution to give a talk or interact with faculty, reimbursements for travel, lodging, and per diem do not need to be disclosed under PM-11. The only time at which PM-11 would be needed is if the faculty member were to receive an honorarium above and beyond the travel expenses.

For more information, contact the PM-11 coordinator.