Resources for Law Enforcement and Coroners

All services are free of charge for agencies within the state of Louisiana. Anthropologists at the FACES Lab provide the following services for law enforcement agencies and coroner's offices: 

Laboratory Services

  • Animal vs Human Skeletal Identification: Call or email for instructions on submission. 
  • Recovery Assistance: We are available to assist with any field recovery of skeletal remains. 
  • Biological Profile and Trauma Analysis: A full report with estimation of age, sex, ancestry, height, time since death, and trauma analysis. 
  • Forensic Imaging
    • Clay facial reconstruction
    • Digitally enhanced facial reconstruction
    • 3D scanning and printing
    • Age Progression
    • Postmortem enhancement
    • Publication of computer enhanced images 
  • DNA Sample Collection
    • Collect DNA samples from unidentified individuals
    • Collect DNA reference samples from family members 
  • X-ray Services: Full X-rays and dental X-rays 
  • Positive Identification Assistance: Work with dental and DNA experts to establish positive identification. 
  • Official Final Report and Expert Court Testimony

Workshops and Lectures

Please contact the FACES Lab for information on professional development workshops and lectures in forensic anthropology. 

  • All workshops or lectures can be tailored to your organizations specific needs.
  • Standard workshops are 3 hours and cover the following topics: Louisiana Act 227 (LA Rev Stat § 15:651-662) pertaining to missing and unidentified people, animal vs. human, biological profile, trauma, time since death, field recovery techniques, and other similar topics.
  • Contact our Director, Ginesse Listi ( or 225.578.3906), to schedule a workshop or lecture at your agency.

How get to the FACES Laboratory

LSU has a closed campus and there are gates that block unauthorized traffic through campus. The FACES Laboratory is located near the LSU Union and LSU Library inside of those gates. Depending on your reason for coming to the Lab, use the following instructions to secure parking: 

  • Law Enforcement Agencies, Coroner's Offices, and Funeral Directors with business involving a current forensic case:
    • Call the us (225.578.4761) for instructions on how to park in our loading dock.
  • Agencies visiting the Lab for a workshop, presentation, lecture, or tour:
    • Contact LSU Parking Services for parking instructions. There is metered parking at the visitor center (corner of Dalrymple Dr. and Highland Rd.) and the parking garage attached to the LSU Bookstore (on East Campus Dr.). See the Location page for a map of campus.

Contact Us

Phone: 225.578.4761
Fax: 225.578.4794

Mailing Address:

227 Howe-Russell Building
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Physical Address: 

S Campus Dr. & Tower Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Getting on Campus

Law Enforcement Agents, Coroner's Offices, and Funeral Directors -  Call 225.578.4761 

All other individuals and groups - Contact Parking Services for parking instructions