Forensic Imaging and Facial Approximation

Forensic Facial Approximation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer classes or training in facial reconstruction?"
Currently, we do not offer any training in forensic imaging. There are institutions around the country that offer this kind of training (see the links below). 

"How do I request imaging work from the FACES Lab?"
Law enforcement agencies and Coroner's offices automatically receive this service as part of all forensic cases, where appropriate. If you have a special project, contact our Director, Ginesse Listi ( or 225-578-3906).

"How much does it cost?"
All imaging work done for law enforcement agencies and Coroner's offices for a Louisiana forensic case is free. All other agencies and individuals need to contact our lab to discuss the details of imaging projects ( or 225-578-3906).

"I have a historic imaging project. Does the FACES Lab do non-forensic projects?"
Yes. We have completed many historic and non-forensic projects. Contact our lab to discuss the details of your imaging project ( or 225-578-3906).

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