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The Women's Center develops, sponsors, and hosts a variety of programs and events with our campus and larger Baton Rouge. To stay up to date on what is happening in the Women's Center you can join our listserv to receive our monthly newsletter, or follow us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

Lactation spaces provide breastfeeding support for nursing parents on campus. Our goal is to provide accessible and equitable spaces for parents on campus, whether you are a faculty or staff member, student, or campus guest. 

Lactation Space Locations on Campus

The mission of the University Council on Gender Equity is to address gender inequity at LSU by leveraging the knowledge, expertise, and resources of council members to develop and revise policies, procedures, and protocols on campus.


  •  Action: Monitoring, developing, implementing and revising polices, procedures, and protocols that ensure equity in the LSU Community. 
  • Inclusion: Including the diverse needs of all university constituents. 
  • Advocacy: Using knowledge-based expertise to promote equity. 
  • Equity: Ensuring the greatest degree of parity is achieved. 
  • Transparency: Ensuring our actions and procedures are clear and freely available to the university community. 
  • Support: Supporting all issues within our scope of work regardless of their controversial nature. 


UCGE has existed for over 10 years as a standing body under various names such as the Commission on the Status of Women and the University Council on Women. Around 2013, the former Interim Vice Provost for Diversity, worked to expand the focus to look more broadly at issues that intersect with gender at LSU. This prompted the name change to the University Council on Gender Equity (UCGE). The council is a comprised of administrators, faculty, staff, and students (graduate and undergraduate) and addresses gender equity issues on campus through research, programming, assessments, and provides recommendations for practice and policies on campus. UCGE has worked on projects such as a study on dependent care in which a white paper was produced, stop the tenure clock, the Closing the Gap lecture series, reviewing policies and practices related to pregnancy and parenting, and mental health support for University employees.


Members of the committee are selected based on recommendations of community members, work they are involved in on campus, or general interest in the council. Each member serves a 3 year term and be an active participant in subcommittee work and for general meetings. If you are interested in joining the committee or have a recommendation, please share it with us on our Member Suggestions for UCGE form.


If you are have additional question or want to learn more about the UCGE, you can email Valori Washington, the UCGE chair, at

A collection of single-use bathrooms across LSU's campus:

Map of Nongendered Bathrooms

The Period Project

The Period Project aims to provide emergency period products for members of the LSU community and campus guest. Emergency supplies include tampons, pads, and panty liners. Emergency supplies can found at the following locations:

  • The LSU Women’s Center, Bathroom
  • Student Union, Information Desk
  • Coates Hall: LGBTQ+ Center, Room 175 
  • Allen Hall, University College Front Desk, Room 150
  • LSU Library, 2nd Floor, Circulation Desk
  • Design Building, 4th Floor, Sink between the Bathrooms
  • Cox Academic Center, 1st Floor Bathrooms
  • Hatcher Hall, College of Sciences Front Desk, Room 124
  • Patrick F. Taylor, Inside Lactation Space, Room 3272Z
  • Human Ecology, Front Desk, Tower Drive Entrance
  • UREC, Front Desk, Main Entrance 
  • Life Science, Inside Lactation Space, Room 309
  • Lockett, 1st Floor, between vending machines and bathroom

If you use something, let us know! If order to keep our funding we need to know where the emergencies are! 

The Men Who Champion Women Award was created to recognize, honor, and celebrate the efforts of men in our community who have dedicated their lives to advancing, supporting, and working toward true quality for women

The Men Who Champion Award was given from 2013-2020.

  • 2013: Hillar Moore
  • 2014: Bradie James
  • 2015: Brian Desormeaux
  • 2016: Isiah Warner
  • 2017: Dr. Calvin Mackie
  • 2018: Micah Fincher
  • 2020: Roderic Teamer, Sr