Report an Incident

Who can submit a report?

The above reporting links can be used if you have experienced harm or if you are submitting a report in your role as a mandatory reporter. A report can be filed by anyone, both members of the LSU community (including students, faculty, and staff) and non-members of the LSU community.

What happens when I submit a report?

The Office of Civil Rights & Title IX will reach out to the individual who experienced or disclosed the incident and offers an opportunity to meet. During that meeting, staff will walk the individual through their rights, reporting options, and resources. In most situations, the individual will have the opportunity to decide whether they want to file a formal complaint, resolve the situation informally, or take no formal action. Regardless, the person will always be offered access to resources.

Will I be notified of the actions taken by OCR&TIX?

Unless you the individual experiencing the behavior, no. You will receive confirmation that the office received your report but that may be the last communication from the office unless we need additional information.  

What if I submit a report to the wrong office?

The Office of Civil Rights & Title IX works closely with Human Resource Management (HRM) as well as Student Advocacy & Accountability (SAA) so if the report is better suited in one of those offices, we will ensure that they receive a copy of the report. Information is only shared on a need to know basis as we understand the importance of privacy and discretion in what we share.