Institutional Engagement & Partnership

The Institutional Engagement & Partnership team provides program assessment and educational resources within the divisional functional areas. 

Meaningful Engagement

As experts in their respective fields, the team collaborates to foster learning and development and promote partnerships across the LSU enterprise. Their efforts are focused on creating meaningful connections between faculty, students, and communities, putting knowledge and skills to work on critical problems. By engaging in collaborative projects and initiatives, they aim to enhance the student experience, engage the LSU community, and contribute to the overall success of the institution. 


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Commitment to Engagement

The Division is instrumental in driving engagement, fostering strategic partnerships, and supporting community involvement to support a sense of camaraderie, and opportunities to engage, learn, and grow within a dynamic landscape.

We foster collaborations and partnerships with faculty, staff, and external organizations to support the institution's mission and goals to represent all and relentlessly pursue excellence.  


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Learning & Development

The Learning & Development (L&D) team works across the Division and campus to support training, education, and development.

Many opportunities through L&D support prevention and mandatory training regarding various regulations and laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title IX (TIX), and Civil Rights. L&D also includes sessions and seminars focused on increasing engagement within your team, department, or classroom.  

Available Learning and Development Opportunities

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Partnership is essential for fostering collaborative relationships and creating an environment that values various perspectives and the myriad experiences of our campus community to support the institution's mission and goals.

The partnership component of the Division involves engaging with including faculty, staff, alumni, and external organizations, to foster mutually beneficial relationships and create a more engaged campus environment. We focus on collaborating with various stakeholders for program development, research, grants, and the co-creation of an engaged campus.