EHS Assistant

Environmental Health Safety Assistant (EHSA) is an environmental management database that is available online to researchers and staff within the LSU community.  EHSA is user friendly and provides strong inventory and training programs with compliance features.

The program is web based.  Your PAWS ID and password allow access to the system.  If you have difficulty accessing the system, please contact EHS and we can adjust the internal security settings so that you will be able to see information relating to your research group.

The EHSA web application makes it easy to access EH&S on-line training.   You do not need to request EHSA access to complete the training.

EHSA facilitates advanced tasks.  These tasks include managing chemical inventories, biological inventories, registering a laboratory or chemical storage space, new project review, generating door signs, laboratory hazard assessment, requesting a waste pick-up, and responding to inspections.  To perform these advanced tasks, lab personal have to access the ESHA system.   New Pi’s are requested to contact EHS as part of setting up a new lab. Active PI’s can use the permit worker section to add or delete personnel as needed.   The training section shows the status of on-line training for lab personnel.  If you need to perform any of these tasks, please refer to the tutorials below, prior to initiating the login process to EHSA.

Additional information and function are being added to the system on a regular basis; call 225-578-4314 or email with problems, suggestions, or concerns.

Access the EHS Assistant Database

Access the On-line Las Safety Training