Management of Asbestos Containing Materials

The management of asbestos containing materials (ACM) located in campus buildings is regulated by the state Department of Environmental Quality. Specifically, Chapter 27 of the Air Quality Regulations covers all activities in schools and state owned buildings regarding asbestos containing materials. Additional information on asbestos may be found in section V of this manual. The following guidelines must be followed when handling ACM..

Rules for the Proper Handling of Asbestos Containing Material(ACM)

  • Only authorized persons can handle asbestos containing material. State regulations mandated that employees must be training and accredited to perform asbestos work.
  • Suspect material that may contain asbestos, should not be touched. Contact EHS or Facility Services and a training and accredited inspector will assess the situation for potential hazards.
  • Prior to renovation or demolition activities EHS shall be consulted to determine if asbestos materials are present.
  • EHS has oversight of occupational and environmental exposure to asbestos. As such EHS is the point of contact (liaison) with the LADEQ to ensure compliance with OSHA and DEQ regulations.
  • Facility Services maintains the University Asbestos Operation and Maintenance Plan, including periodic surveillance. Periodic surveillance (PS) must be completed every six(6) months for all areas of the campus. PS consists of a visual inspection of all asbestos containing materials to note any change in condition of the material.
  • Building Coordinators ensure that potential asbestos problems are reported to EHS and Facility Services in a timely fashion.

Construction Document Review and Contractor Notification

When contractors perform work on campus they may come into contact with asbestos containing materials. It is the University’s responsibility to properly communicate the potential risk to the contractors prior to the start of work. The University must inform the contractor about the location of all asbestos in the work area. This information is communicated with the following forms.

Construction Document Review Forms and Contractor Notification Form see appendix

Management Plans

Inspections have been performed in all University buildings identifying ACM. This information is contained in Management Plan Documents. These documents are housed in the EHS office and at Facility Services. The Management Plans are updated after every asbestos activity. All employees have a right to view the information for their work area.

Employee Training

EHS also provides 2 hour Asbestos Awareness Training for all employees as directed by state and federal regulations. Asbestos Awareness Training covers information about asbestos and its origins, health effect of exposure, proper identification techniques, University policy and O & M Plans, and emergency response. This ensures that all employees can protect themselves from unnecessary exposure to asbestos environments. This level of training does not permit an employee to handle ACM in any circumstance. Working with asbestos require advanced training as described below.

Employees who work with asbestos on a routine basis require additional training. The training may be for 8 to 40 hours depending on the level of exposure and type of activities involved in the task the employee is required to perform.