Black Women's Empowerment Initiative

Where valued mentoring and developing young women black in their academic, professional, physical, social, identity, civic and emotional well-being meet. 

The BWE-I Initiative at LSU aids in ensuring an environment where black women can thrive as students. A small team of students and staff advocate for their holistic well-being in this program with the assistance of campus partners, community members, students, faculty, and staff. We believe the BWE-I Initiative is where valued mentoring and developing young black women in their academic, professional, physical, social, identity, civic, and emotional well-being meet. We advocate for equity in resources and opportunities, and strive to bring everyone in the LSU community to work towards the retention, matriculation, and graduation of our students. Everyone participating in the initiative must embrace the value of mentoring young women as they strive to reach their fullest potential, while focusing on their academic, professional, physical, social, identity, civic, and emotional well-being.


2019-2020 Event Calendar 

The BWE-I initiative is an open and free program.  The monthly series is designed to meet the complex needs and challenges of women of color.  The series will include guest speakers, PowerPoints, dialogues, panels, activities and much more. 

*Dates, times, locations, themes, and event descriptions will be updated as information becomes available. 


BWE Initiative Kick-off.  The kick-off will include several dynamic identity exercises to explore who you are and who we are.  Our identity will not be forgotten!  Don't let us miss out on your energy, so join us!

Our Mission

The Black Women’s Empowerment Initiative was established to promote, maintain, and advance the well-being of Black Women at LSU. Our purpose is to promote equity and community building by cultivating intentional spaces for Black Women to gather, developing workshops and programming around pertinent topics, and holding space together.   

We have emphasis on developing female leaders with a drive and ambition who want to continue to uplift women in today’s society. Each individual participating in the initiative should embrace the value of nurturing young women as they look toward brighter futures while focusing on the development of

the social, emotional, educational and physical needs of young minority women.

Our Goals

Physical Health/Mental Health

Professional Development

Economic Empowerment

Identity Development/Self-Awareness

Civic Engagement

Academic Excellence/Education

This cohort-based program that will address the holistic well being and academic success of Black undergraduate women. 21 women will be selected.

Key Initiatives

Heart To Art

Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference (Texas A&M)

Empowerment Circles

BWEI Socials and Community Engagement

Bi Weekly Meetings

One on One Meetings

Application Criteria 

Are in disciplinary “good standing” with the university

Have a minimum of 2.3 GPA

Can fully participate in the Black Women's Empowerment Initiative program

Attending Bi Weekly meetings, one-on-one meetings, community service, etc.

Resume and Letter of Recommendation needed if applying for Executive Role. 

Participate in the Welcome Reception on November 22nd 

Complete the application by the noted deadline.

[November 14th, 2019]


Mixer Event  


Application and Interviews 


MLK Day of Service


Black History Month


Heart to Art 


TBD: Special End of the Year Event




If you have feedback, comments of suggestions for the WE Initiative you may email  We would love to hear from you.

Photo Gallery 

Highlight photos from signature events are coming soon. 



African American Student Affairs Graduate Assistant | Ann-Marie Herod |

Want to join the BWE Initiative Cohort or serve as a mentor? Email Us!

Resources on & off Campus 

  • If you are a student organization and would like your information shared on our website, please email the BWE Initiative Coordinator Ann-Marie Herod at .
  • Resources brought to you by the LSU Women's Center
  • LSU Minority Women's Movement 
  • 100 Black Women of Baton Rouge
  • Feminists in Action 
  • Sigma Lambda Gamma
  • Zeta Phi Beta
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • Women in Computer Science at LSU
  • Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Organization 
  • Women's Energy Network Student Chapter at LSU
  • Legal Association of Women (L.A.W.)
  • National Association of Women's MBA's

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