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Distinguished Undergraduate Research Program


The LSU Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher designation recognizes the achievements of outstanding LSU undergraduates who participate in a track of educational and research activities leading to a final and public presentation or publication of a faculty-mentored undergraduate scholarly project. An LSU Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher is a student who has demonstrated outstanding ability as an advanced student researcher in their discipline. Distinguished Researchers will be honored at a special medal ceremony in their graduating semester and the designation will be noted on their transcripts.


Eligibililty for Enrollment

LSU Discover accepts enrollment applications to the program throughout the year.  Students must meet the following to be eligible for enrollment:

  • Join the program before their senior year*
  • Completed at least 12 college credits
  • Attended an orientation session
  • Either currently have, or previously had, a faculty research mentor
  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Be in good standing with the university to be accepted into the program.

The Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Program is open to all majors.

*Graduating seniors wishing to enroll will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Contact Associate Director Sarah Ferstel at to be considered for senior enrollment.



Interested students are welcome to attend an orientation session with no committment to enroll.  Until further notice, all orientation sessions will be held over Zoom.

Click here to sign up for an orientation session.

Fall 2021 Orientation Sessions:

  • Friday, August 27th @ 3:00 – 4:00 PM
  • Friday, September 3rd @ 2:00 – 3:00 PM
  • Friday, September 17th @ 2:00 - 3:00 PM
  • Friday, October 1st @ 2:00 – 3:00 PM
  • Friday, November 5th @ 3:00 – 4:00 PM
  • Friday, December 3rd @ 2:00-3:00 PM



Click here to fill out the enrollment form for the Distinguished Undergraduate Research Program

Students may enroll after they have attended an orientation session.



  • Attend an orientation session
  • Submit the enrollment application above
  • Submit materials for each activity through the Community Moodle portal before the due dates
  • Submit final portfolio in graduating semester
  • LSU Discover will review all documentation and portfolio
  • The Distinguished Undergraduate Research distinction is awarded in your graduating semester only. Medal ceremony will occur 1-3 days before graduation.

Requirements to earn the distinction:

Students must complete all activities listed in the following four categories and meet all standards (GPA, etc) in order to earn the Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher medal and transcript notation.

2021 Spring Distinguished Undergraduate Research Award Winners 




Awardee Degree Mentor
Kiersten Barnette English and Sociology Dr. Rafael Orozco
Samantha Beekman International Studies and Mass Communication Dr. Leonard Ray
Gaurangi Das Psychology Dr. Don Zhang
Lexie Duhon Psychology Dr. Matthew Calamia
Madison Gilbert Psychology Dr. Paul Soto, Dr. Jason Harman, and Dr. Janet McDonald
Megan Guilbeau Biochemistry Dr. Maheshi Dassanayake
Peter Issa Biological Sciences Dr. Bret Elderd
Haley Jeneske Animal, Dairy & Poultry Sciences Dr. Kenneth McMillin and Dr. Xian Fu
Henry Kantrow Chemical Engineering Dr. Kevin McPeak
Lebogang Kgoadi Chemistry Dr. Noemie Elgrishi
Paulette Kourouma Psychology and  Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. Bailey Houghtaling and Dr. Janet McDonald
Alexander Landry Biochemistry and Pre-Professional Chemistry Dr. Steven Hand
Gabrielle Langlois Environmental Engineering Dr. Samuel Snow
Layni LeBlanc Animal, Dairy & Poultry Sciences Dr. Sabrina Taylor
Alexis Nguyen Animal, Dairy & Poultry Sciences Dr. Richard Cooper
Matthew Nguyen Biological Sciences Dr. Daniel Swale
Sahana Padumane Biological Engineering Dr. Yongchan Kwon
Keyla Pruett Natural Resource Ecology & Management Dr. Rodrigo Diaz, Dr. Ian Knight, and Dr. Sabrina Taylor
Sarah Reviel Communication Disorders Dr. Janna Oetting
Victoria Rittell Biochemistry Dr. Jennifer Brum, Dr. Carrie Elks, and Dr. Jacqueline Stephens
Tyler Scott Geography and Sociology Dr. Heather O’Connell
Horatio Traylor Psychology Dr. Rachel Smith
Han-Hsuan “Michael” Wu Physics Dr. Mohammad Saghayezhian and Dr. Jiandi Zhang
Jennafer Zimmerman Industrial Engineering Dr. Isabelina Nahmens


Past Award Winners

Fall 2020 Award Winners

On Thursday, December 17th, the 2020 Fall Distinguished Undergraduate Research awardees were honored during a ceremony held via Zoom. These students worked very hard during a challenging year and LSU Discover congratulates them on achieving so much during such a difficult time.


Watch the Fall 2020 Award Ceremony here!


Awardee  Degree(s) Mentor(s)
Kendall Brome Coastal Environmental Sciences (B.S.) Dr. Kristine DeLong
Corey Cooper Biological Sciences (B.S.) Dr. Alyssa Johnson
Alexus Crawford Communication Sciences and Disorders (B.A.) Dr. Geoffrey Coalson
Josef Schuster Natural Resource Ecology and Management (B.S.) Dr. Mike Dance, Dr. Steve Midway, Dr. Mike Kaller, and Dr. Greg Lutz
Ashlyn Suchand Psychology (B.S.) Dr. Christopher Cox
Jordan Wall Biological Sciences (B.S.) Dr. Alyssa Johnson


Summer 2020 Award Winner

On Thursday, August 6th, the 2020 Summer Distinguished Undergraduate Research awardee, Jackson Green, was honored during a ceremony held via Zoom. Family and staff joined in as we celebrated the accomplishments of this outstanding undergraduate researcher.


Awardee Degree Mentor(s)
Jackson Green Economics (B.S.) Drs. Julia D. Buckner, Dr. Barton Willage, Dr. Roger Laine


Spring 2020 Award Winners

On Thursday, May 14th, the 2020 Spring Distinguished Undergraduate Research awardees were honored during a ceremony held via Zoom.  Family, friends, and faculty mentors joined in as we celebrated the accomplishments of these outstanding undergraduate researchers. 


Watch the Spring 2020 Award Ceremoney Here!

Read the Spring 2020 Award ceremony program


Awardee Degree(s) Mentor(s)
Ryan Agsunod Biological Sciences Dr. SeYeon Chung
Philip Brahana Coastal Environmental Science Dr. Michael Polito
Bridget Cadigan  Chemical Engineering Dr. Les Butler
Abigail Caffey  Kinesiology Dr. Marc Dalecki
Kathryn Davis Natural Resource Ecology and Management & Spanish Dr. Sabrina Taylor
Senea Diaz Communication Disorders Dr. Geoffrey Coalson
Sarah Dunn Industrial Engineering Dr. Laura Ikuma
Annaliesa Fanguy Microbiology Dr. David Vinyard
Eden McMillin Gallegos Biochemistry Dr. Marcia Newcomer, Dr. Nathaniel Gilbert
Hayden Guidry Biological Sciences Dr. Adam Bohnert
Megan Guidry Biological Sciences Dr. Morgan Kelly
Quintrelé Jones Psychology Dr. Emily Elliott
Yasmeen Kawji  Biochemistry Dr. Morgan Kelly
Timothy King, Jr.  Biological Engineering Dr. Elizabeth Martin
Breona Leonard  Physics Dr. Isiah Warner
Jun Lin  Computer Science &  Mathematics Dr. Kyumin Lee, Dr. Peter Wolenski
Stephen Lopez Kinesiology Dr. Alyssa E. Johnson
Austin Chunfeng Lu Landscape Architecture Dr. Robyn Reed, Dr. Haley Blakeman, Dr. Brendan Harmon
Mark Maier Biological Sciences Dr. Karen Maruska
Hunter Meyer Physics Dr. Thomas Kutter
Quyen Nguyen Psychology Dr. Anna Long
Victoria Pfeifer English Literature & Philosophy Dr. Sharon Weltman, Dr. Richard Godden, Dr. Mary Sirridge
Kris Plunkett  History & French Dr. Gaines Foster
Jane Ainsley Rothschild  Biological Sciences Dr. Steven Hand, Dr. Michael Brilynski
Hayden Scott  Physics Dr. Kip Matthews
Jourdan Staffier  Biological Sciences Dr. Melissa Erickson
Abigail Vinson  Biological Sciences Dr. Christine Lattin


Fall 2019 Award Winners


Awardee Degree(s) Mentor(s)
Maryn Cavalier  Biological Engineering Dr. Elizabeth Martin
Meggie Lam  Biological Engineering Dr. Elizabeth Martin
Rebecca Krueger  Biochemistry Dr. Alyssa Johnson
Ariana Buckner  Information Systems & Decision Sciences Dr. Reg Tucker
Anna Lucchesi  Biological Sciences Dr. Michael Hellberg
Dwayne Hinton  Anthropology, Journalism, Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. Heather McKillop
Lauren Vidrine  Anthropology, English Dr. Irina Shport


Summer 2019 Award Winners


Awardee Degree Mentor
William Arata Kinesiology Dr. Marc Dalecki


Spring 2019 Award Winners


Awardee Degree(s) Mentor(s)
Michael Brands Biological Sciences Dr. Isiah Warner
Dominique Carr Psychology Dr. Don Zhang
Sarah Cohen Biochemistry & Sociology Dr. Grover Waldrop
Joseph DeCorte Biochemistry & Mathematics Dr. Samithamby Jeyaseelan
Amber Depoy Microbiology Dr. Gary King
Logan Hart Mathematics Dr. Frank Neubrander
Ryan Hoffman Biological Sciences Dr. Fernando Galvez
Elizabeth Joseph Psychology Dr. Don Zhang. Dr. Amanda Staiano
Tabitha Kearns Biological Sciences Dr. Gary King
Jeffrey Lemoine Computer Science & Biochemistry Dr. Michal Brylinski
Carly Moore Psychology Dr. Matthew Calamia
Serena Nguyen Psychology Dr. Paul Soto
Charity Ringel English Dr. Michael Bibler
Connor Rouillier Anthropology & Religious Studies Dr. Gregory Johnson
Corey St. Romain Biological Sciences & Chemistry Dr. Mark Batzer
Sadie Thompson Biological Sciences Dr. Gary King
Amy Turner Kinesiology Dr. Guillaume Spielmann


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