Gulf Scholars Program

All majors welcome!


The National Academy of Sciences Gulf Scholars Program (GSP) aims to prepare undergraduate students from any major to address challenges and issues facing the Gulf south region.  GSP students will participate in academic experiences focused on the program's core areas: community health and resilience, environmental protection and stewardship, and offshore energy safety.  In addition to coursework, GSP students will participate in summer research and creative projects focused on supporting people, ecosystems and industries in and around the Gulf of Mexico.  Students from all majors are welcome to participate in projects that will combine multiple perspectives as not just experts, but problem-solvers in topics related to the gulf.  


Program elements

  • Courses: TBD
  • Summer Gulf Impact Project 
    • Participate in a 10-week Gulf Impact Project mentored by a faculty member.  Project topics can come from any discipline and interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged.  
    • Participation requires attendance at meetings, workshops, and events in addition to a final presentation of the project at the end of the summer.
    • Students can receive up to $6,000 towards wages and supplies for their project.
  • Training & Enrichment
    • excursions
    • workshops
    • seminars
    • movie night
    • and more!

Gulf Impact Project 

Each summer, up to 25 students will be funded for a 10-week faculty-mentored research project centered on topics related to the gulf.  Gulf Impact Project students will receive up to $6,000 in funding for wages, supplies, and travel related to their project.  Students from any major are welcome to apply!

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until April 23rd, 2023

Application information:


Training & Enrichment

Information for Faculty

Leadership Team

Dr.Linda Hooper-Bui, Professor, Environmental Sciences

Dr.Jacqueline Bach, Acting Vice Provost of Academic Programs & Services; Professor, Education

Dr.Clint Willson, Director, Center for River Studies; Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; The Water Institute of the Gulf

Dr.Brandon Ballengee, Visual artist, biologist, and environmental educator

Dr.Debbie Goldgaber, Director, LSU Ethics Institute; Associate Professor, Philosophy/Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Dr.Margaret Reams, Professor, Environmental Sciences

Sarah Ferstel, Associate Director, LSU Discover

Daena Carrillo, Graduate Assistant