Public Service Policy

Cartographic Information Center 
Public Service Policy 
Effective February 1, 2004


The Cartographic Information Center’s (CIC) mission is to support the teaching and research activities of the Louisiana State University Department of Geography & Anthropology and the entire Louisiana State University community.   The Cartographic Information Center is open to the general public, but due to reduced student staff hours patrons not affiliated with LSU are required to make an appointment to view maps aerial photographs.  All persons using the CIC’s collections are expected to follow the Use and Security Procedures.

Appointment Procedure

All patrons who are not affiliated with Louisiana State University as current students, faculty, or staff  working on class assignments or research projects must make an appointment to view aerial photographs.  Appointment requests must be made not less than 48 hours in advance.  All requests will be for a specific date and starting time.  Appointments can be made by e-mail  to John Anderson at 

Use and Security Procedures

The Cartographic Information Center is a closed stack facility that does not allow browsing.   The CIC staff is available to assist patrons to identify the appropriate materials using indexes and electronic finding aids and will retrieve the materials for the patron.  While viewing materials in the Reading Room the following rules apply:

  • Only pencils will be allowed near the materials. 
  • No food or beverages will be allowed whether open or covered. 
  • Patrons may have no more than ten aerial photographs at a time. 
  • All notebooks, scanners, books, and bags will be subject to inspection upon request. 


Current LSU students may use a scanner to scan non-copyrighted materials that are not fragile. Images can be saved on the student's desktop or a thumb drive.

Public patrons may bring their own laptop and flatbed scanner or camera to make images of non-copyrighted materials.

Folding or taping of materials for scanning is forbidden and patrons will not be allowed to scan fragile materials.  

The CIC staff will not certify copies.