Off Site Researcher Policy

Cartographic Information Center
Louisiana State Aerial Photograph Collection 
Off Site Researcher Service Charges 
Effective August 2, 2004


To provide remote service to researchers who are unable to visit the Cartographic Information Center (CIC).


These charges apply to all researchers requesting CIC staff service in lieu of visiting the Cartographic Information Center. The CIC staff will not copy, scan, or image any copyrighted material. The CIC staff will not certify copies.


Off Site Researcher Convenience Charges
Location Fee
Locating and scanning maps or aerial photographs $20 each
Scanning previously identified aerial photographs or maps $10 each
Digital photos of maps $10 each
Retrieval fee for items sent off site for imaging $5 each
Rush order fee (Due next business day) $5 per item


Description of Services


Locating and scanning maps or aerial photographs involves staff research time to locate the appropriate materials when the researcher does not know the specific map name or aerial photograph identifier. The maximum size for scanning is 24"x36". Scans will be made at 1:1 ratio. Please see the Request Procedure below for further information.

Scanning previously identified aerial photographs or maps. This service provides black & white scans of aerial photographs and color scans of maps if the researcher provides the aerial photograph identifier or map title.

Retrieval fee for items sent off site for imaging. This service involves sending materials that are too large to be scanned, copied, or photographed in one sheet to the LSU Computer Services Media Center for digital imaging. It is available for maps, charts, and aerial photographs identified by the researcher.

Rush order fee is assessed per item requested for delivery the next CIC business day.

Request Procedure 

Contact John Anderson at or fax (225) 578-4420 to request research service. Please provide the appropriate information for your request as follows:

Aerial photographs and USGS topographic maps for site assessments. Please provide the street address, legal description, UTM coordinates, or latitude and longitude of your site of interest and state if you require images of aerial photographs or maps or both. Large areas should be described by providing the bounding UTM coordinates or latitudes and longitudes. A list of the available dates of maps and aerial photographs will be sent in reply. Researchers may select which dates and sources to be imaged. Aerial photographs and maps will be scanned at 600dpi resolution in tiff format unless otherwise specified. Aerial photographs will be scanned in gray scale while maps will be scanned in color. Images can be delivered on CD-ROM or by confidential posting to the CIC web site. 

Historic maps. For USGS topographic maps please provide the quadrangle name, scale, and edition. If the quadrangle name is not known, please provide the name of the nearest town.

For nautical charts, hydrographic surveys, and topographic surveys please provide the chart or survey number and year.

For all other historic maps please provide the Entry Number from the book Historical Maps of Louisiana or the map title, cartographer, and date. Most of the historic maps other than USGS maps housed in the CIC collection are black & white duplicates.

Aerial Photographs. Please provide the parish, year, and photograph identifier in the upper right corner. Include all letter and numbers.


Payment can be made by credit card (American Express, VISA or Master Card) or check made payable to the LSU Department of Geography & Anthropology. Checks must clear before images will be posted or shipped.

Checks returned for Non-Sufficient Funds will be submitted as evidence to the LSU Police Department.