LSU School of Social Work Trains Alumni and Community Social Workers to become Board Approved Clinical Supervisors

Recently, the LSU School of Social Work was able to assist in the continued successes of nearly 100 SSW alumni and community social workers from across the country after training them to become Board Approved Clinical Supervisors (BACS.)

On March 15, 2024, the LSU School of Social Work hosted the workshop “New BACS Training: Social Work Supervision Models & Methods.” With this BACS certification, attendees of the training will now be eligible to supervise other social workers as they work towards licensure. 
This training covered numerous topics, including the role of a BACS supervisor, record keeping, supervision plans and professional development, and supervision theories and models. 
Participants in this certification workshop sung the praises of how it will help them to thrive in their social work journeys. 

“I feel prepared to help LMSWs reach their goals.” 

 “This was one of the BEST presentations I’ve ever had related to supervision.” 

 “LSU went above and beyond to provide high quality information! Thank you for a job well done!” 

The LSU School of Social Work plans to continue to hold seminars and trainings for the benefit of their students and alumni to ensure the quality care of social work clients across the nation. 

About SSW 
The LSU School of Social Work (SSW) aspires to be a leading school of social work, a vibrant center of intellectual development, a leader in promoting and supporting diverse communities, and an advocate for an integrated and inclusive model of social work, all within a learning environment that supports best educational practices. The SSW offers Child and Family Studies (CFS) and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) undergraduate degrees, MSW, online MSW, and PhD. SSW is part of the College of Human Sciences & Education. 

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