LSU School of Education Receives National Accreditation


December 7, 2020

BATON ROUGE  - The School of Education (SOE) at LSU received national accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, or CAEP, valid through Spring 2027. 

The School of Education’s accreditation was approved in 2020 at the initial and advanced-licensure level by the CAEP. National recognition was earned by demonstrating excellence in the areas of content, pedagogy, clinical experiences, selectivity, program impact and capacity for continuous improvement. 

“The recent notification from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation that LSU programs met all standards for initial and advanced licensure re-affirmed the University's commitment to excellence. The educator preparation programs are found in five colleges, three schools, and 14 departments. The process required major campus-wide and partner clinical school efforts to meet the standards necessary for the highest level of recognition for this ongoing accreditation process. We are excited to continue nationally-accredited experiences, as we have continually done since 1954,” stated Neil Mathews PhD, Director of the LSU School of Education. 

The School of Education is the center of teacher education programs at Louisiana State University, and LSU’s teacher education programs have been nationally accredited since 1954. Last year, student teachers contributed $1.36 million in economic impact for Louisiana schools. We are very proud of all faculty and staff who were and continue to be instrumental in the accreditation and compliance of our LSU School of Education.

According to CAEP, accreditation is quality assurance through external peer review. When an institution or specialized program is accredited, it has demonstrated that it meets standards set by organizations representing the academic community, professionals, and other stakeholders. To maintain accreditation the institution or program must undergo a similar review on a regular basis. CAEP is a professional accreditor because it reviews departments, schools, and colleges which prepare teachers and other educators.

The vigorous and thorough process for accreditation is one that the LSU School of Education has endeavored since its initial (formerly NCATE) accreditation in 1954. CAEP explains, “Educator accreditation is a seal of approval that assures quality in educator preparation. Accreditation makes sure that educator programs prepare new teachers to know their subjects, their students, and have the clinical training that allows them to enter the classroom ready to teach effectively.”

All education programs at LSU are state-approved in Louisiana, and the School of Education works closely with the Louisiana Department of Education to assure compliance with state requirements for educator professional licensure. Find data related to the teacher preparation programs by visiting our accreditation page.

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