MEd School Counseling

The LSU School Counseling Program recruits and trains self-motivated counselors who are educational leaders and serve as advocates for all students in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. Through engaging caregivers and community partnerships, students demonstrate how school counselors work to promote academic success for all students, serve as multi-systemic leaders and change agents to improve educational practices, and demonstrate counseling effectiveness in removing barriers to success for all students through ongoing outcome research and program evaluation.


Fall (1st Year)

ELRC 4360 Introduction to School Counseling (3)

ELRC 7331 Counseling Theory and Techniques (3)

ELRC 7391 Counseling Across the Lifespan (3)


Spring (1st Year)

ELRC 7397 Special Topics: PK-12 Career and College Readiness (3)

ELRC 7334    Vocational Counseling (3)



Summer (1st Year)

ELRC 7333 Analysis of the Individual (3)

ELRC 7395 Family Counseling (3)


Fall (2nd Year)

ELRC 7393 Multicultural Counseling (3)

ELRC 7397    Substance Abuse (3)

ELRC 4249 Understanding and Applying Research in Education (3) (Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer)


Spring (2nd Year)

ELRC 7345 Counseling Skills and Interventions (3)

ELRC 7330 Group Techniques and Dynamics (3)



Summer (2nd Year)

ELRC 4361 Counseling Children (3)



Fall (3rd Year)

ELRC 7362 Practicum in School Counseling (3)

Practicum Seminar (3)



Spring (3rd Year)

ELRC 7399 Supervised Counseling Internship (6)



In addition to core courses, students will have the opportunity to choose nine (9) hours of electives from the cognate areas below:


Elective Cognates

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Cognate

ELRC 4362 Introduction to Counseling

ELRC 4600 Counseling for Disabling Conditions (3) 


Special Populations Cognate

ELRC 5300 Girls and Women’s Issues in Counseling (3)

ELRC 7600 Issues of Race and Gender in Higher Education

POLI 4027 Politics of Sexual Diversity OR SW 7406 Social work with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People

EDCI 7764 Social and Emotional Development of the Gifted

SW 7305 Grief and Bereavement


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Cognate

EDCI 6701 Content ABA

EDCI 6702 Content ABA

EDCI 6703 School Based Models, Tactics, Strategies

EDCI 6704 ABA Practicum

EDCI 7727 Single Subject Research in ABA

For more information on the graduate program in School Counseling please contact:

Dr. Gary Gintner
122C Peabody Hall225-578-2199