Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Research: P-12 Educational Leadership

Applications are now being accepted for the doctoral program in Educational Leadership & Research: P-12 Educational Leadership. The deadline to apply for Spring admissions is August 1st of the previous year (i.e. August 1, 2017 for Spring 2018.).  The deadline to apply for Summer/Fall admissions is December 1st of the previous year (i.e. December 1, 2017 for Summer/Fall 2018). Please make sure the application is complete with all requirement documents--only candidates with completed applications will be considered. The doctoral program is very competitive, and only a few candidates will be selected for admission. A committee will review all applications and applicants will be notified if they are accepted.

The mission of the P-12 Educational Leadership program is to develop leaders for the diverse needs of P-12 educational environments. The entire program is a minimum of 90 hours: 64 credit hours past the Master’s degree. The PhD program in P-12 Educational Leadership introduces students to a rigorous curriculum that focuses on leadership and research. The program values academic rigor, faculty mentoring, student diversity, and a commitment to education and social justice. Candidates seeking their PhD often wish to serve as school leaders, education program directors, educational researchers, or as higher education faculty.

Admission Requirements

Students are expected to have a Master’s degree, preferably in an educational field; however, we will accept students with a non-education Master’s, but these students may be required to take additional coursework.

In addition to the Graduate School requirements, the P-12 Educational Leadership program requires:

  • A professional letter of recommendation
  • Current résumé
  • Minimum one-page letter of intent that explains the reason why you are seeking your PhD
  • Competitive scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), verbal, quantitative, and writing sections

Course Requirements

Educational Leadership Core (18 Hours)

  • ELRC 7000 Philosophy of Education
  • ELRC 7001 Ethics & Educational Leadership
  • ELRC 7402 Organizational Leadership
  • ELRC 7407 Politics, Policy, & Administration in Education
  • ELRC 7805 Perspectives on Leadership
  • ELRC 7806 Leadership for Learning


Research Core (28 Hours)

  • ELRC 7299 Introduction to Scholarship in Education
  • EDCI 7910 Traditions of Inquiry in Education
  • ELRC 7006 Educational Statistics (4)
  • ELRC 7241 Educational Research Methodology
  • ELRC 7243 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (4)
  • ELRC 7016 Advanced Educational Statistics (4)
  • ELRC 7270 Mixed Methods Research in Education
  • ELRC 7290 Seminar in Advanced Qualitative Research Design (4)


Electives (9 Hours)

Must be outside the Ed Leadership Program


Dissertation Hours (Minimum 9 Hours)

ELRC 9000


Additional coursework (possibly including the Master’s degree) that is relevant to the student’s Program of Study is determined by the student with the consent of the major professor to equal a total of 90 hours.


Contact for students seeking more information:

Sonya Hayes, Ph.D
111P Peabody Hall
Ph: 225.578.5470