PhD in Curriculum & Instruction: Gifted Education

Thank you for your interest in LSU’s graduate programs in Gifted Education. We are proud to offer mentorship and coursework that is based upon Louisiana certification requirements and nationally adopted standards for graduate programs in this field.  Successful completion of these degrees will prepare graduate students for classroom teaching, district administration, and high level scholarly research.

The PhD in Curriculum and Instruction is structured to support interdisciplinary studies and individualization for researchers and practitioners. Advanced course work and research in the liberal arts and social sciences are emphasized. Individuals interested in pursuing a PhD with specialization in gifted education should consult one of the program’s faculty members. You have seven years (post-masters or post-EdS) to complete the PhD.

For more information, please contact: 

Dr. F. Neil Mathews
223 Peabody Hall

Ms. Lois Stewart
223H Peabody Hall