Gifted Education MEd

Thank you for your interest in LSU’s graduate programs in Gifted Education. We are proud to offer mentorship and coursework that is based upon Louisiana certification requirements and nationally adopted standards for graduate programs in this field.  Successful completion of these degrees will prepare graduate students for classroom teaching, district administration, and high level scholarly research.

In the School of Education, we offer four programs for those interested in gifted education.

Master of Education (EGFE)

The MEd degree is designed for the professional development of teachers seeking a master’s degree and preparation as teachers of the academically gifted. The program is flexible enough to accommodate both full-time and part-time graduate students, yet maintain the cohort model. Most courses are offered on a 12–month cycle. The MEd in Gifted Education requires six hours in research and assessment, 18 hours in gifted education, nine hours of electives in one content/teaching field, and a three-hour practicum in gifted education. LSU requires that a master’s degree be finished in five calendar years.

Add-On Certification

For students who have already earned master's degrees in other areas of education, we offer all of the courses required by the Louisiana Department of Education for certification as a teacher of the gifted.

Certificate of Education Specialist (CEDCI)

The EdS certificate is intended primarily for teachers, counselors, supervisors, and administrators in elementary and secondary schools.  This program provides in-depth opportunities for further professional growth and specialization for persons who have completed the master's degree.  A minimum of 60 hours of graduate credit, which may include hours earned in the master's degree, is required.  Individuals interested in pursuing and EdS certificate with specialization in gifted education should consult on the program's faculty members.  There is no time limit on this degree, but you must be continually enrolled.

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction

The PhD in Curriculum and Instruction is structured to support interdisciplinary studies and individualization for researchers and practitioners.  Advanced course work and research in the liberal arts and social sciences are emphasized.  Individuals interested in pursuing a PhD with specialization in gifted education should consult one of the program's faculty members.  You have seven years (post-masters or post-EdS) to complete the PhD.

The following coursework is required for the MEd in Gifted Education

Research and Measurement --- 6 hours required

  • ELRC 4249 Understanding and Applying Research in Education
  • ELRC 4006 Applied Statistics in Education

Gifted Education Concentration --- 21 hours required

All of the following courses must be taken:

  • EDCI 7760 Nature and Needs of the Gifted
  • EDCI 7761 Models and Strategies for Teaching the Gifted
  • EDCI 7762 Creative Behavior
  • EDCI 7763 Developing Curriculum for the Gifted
  • EDCI 7764 Social and Emotional Development of the Gifted
  • EDCI 7768 Practicum in Gifted Education
  • ELRC 4507 Computer Technology in Education  (or equivalent)

Elective Teaching Field  --- 9 hours required  
Elementary majors: EDCI 7105, 7108, 7109, 7110;  7111, 7130, 7131, 7312, 7313, 7314, 7315, 7843, 7844, 7845, 7846, 7930 or approved courses outside the School of Education.

Secondary majors: 9 hours of advanced coursework in one content area,  for example:
Math 4024, 4158, 4200, 4700
Biol 4015, 4055, 4155, 4253
Chem 4010, 4150, 4596, 6001
Geol 4066, 4067, 4081, 4666
Phys 6111, 6121, 6141, 6991
Hist 4065, 4079, 4100, 7908
Engl 4001, 4007, 4055, 4071
Fren 7042, 7051, 7206
Span 4005, 4147, 4201, 7983……

Course Sequence Alternatives

We value the development of a community of learners among graduate students in gifted education and, therefore, strive to organize cohorts of students that progress through courses together. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you begin coursework in the Fall semester if at all possible.

Semester 3 HRS Per Semester 6 HRS Per Semester
Fall 1 EDCI 7760 EDCI 7760, research
Spring 1 EDCI 7761 EDCI 7761, research
Summer 1 EDCI 7763 EDCI 7763, ELRC 4507
Fall 2 EDCI 7762 EDCI 7762
Spring 2 EDCI 7764 EDCI 7764
Summer 2 ELRC 4507 elective, EDCI 7768
Fall 3 elective  
Spring 3 research  
Summer 3 research  
Fall 4 elective  
Spring 4 elective  
Summer 4 EDCI 7768  


For more information, please contact: 

Dr. F. Neil Mathews
223 Peabody Hall

Ms. Lois Stewart
223H Peabody Hall