PhD Curriculum & Instruction: Curriculum Studies

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Curriculum & Instruction: Curriculum Theory consists of a minimum of 90 credit hours beyond the Bachelors.  A minimum of 12 hours must be taken outside the School of Education.  Students must pass a general exam (written & oral), a dissertation proposal, write a dissertation, and pass an oral dissertation defense.

School of Education Core Courses

(Must be taken consecutively during First Year of Enrollment) 6 Credits

Course Number Course Title Hours

ELRC 7299

Introduction to Scholarship in Education

3 hours

EDCI 7910

Traditions of Inquiry

3 hours


Research Methodology & Dissertation Research

Minimum 21 Credits

Course Number Course Title Hours

ELRC 7006 (or Equivalent)

Educational Statistics

4 hours

ELRC 7241 (or Equivalent)

Educational Research Methods

3 hours

ELRC 7243 (or Equivalent)

Qualitative Methods in Educational Research

4 hours

EDCI 9000

Dissertation Research

12-15 Hours


Area of Specialization: Curriculum Studies

50 Hours

*Required; Select at least 3 from List below and in consultation with your advisor.

Course Number Course Title Hours

*EDCI 7901

Curriculum Theory

3 Hours

EDCI 4800

Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom

3 Hours

EDCI 5880

Special Topics in Education

1-3 hours

EDCI 7824

Elementary School Curriculum

3 Hours

EDCI 7825

Secondary School Curriculum

3 Hours

EDCI 7904

Education & Cognition

3 Hours

ELRC 7600

Race & Gender

3 Hours

EDCI 7821/7822

Problems in Curriculum

3 Hours

ELRC 7890

Curriculum & College Teaching

3 Hours

EDCI 7903

Curriculum Planning

3 Hours

EDCI 7930/7931

Seminar(s) Curriculum & Instruction

3 Hours


Courses Outside School of Education  

12 Hours

Minor Area of Study

12-18 Credits

Select in consultation with your advisor. Possibilities include Women’s & Gender Studies, African American Studies, International Studies.



The remaining courses to complete the program of studies must be selected with the approval of the student’s graduate advisor committee.

Total Credits: 90

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