Curriculum Studies MA

The M.A. in Education with a specialization in Curriculum Studies draws upon education and learning principles to prepare students to become leaders, scholars, and agents of change in educational, community and human service settings.  This specialization serves students in a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds who are pursuing a wide range of goals: PhD admission and furthering their professional development in a variety of educational fields including social foundations, museum education, nursing education, community activism and policy studies.

Program Core  9 Credits

ELRC 4249     Understanding and Applying Research in Education  3
ELRC 7001     Ethics and Educational Leadership  3

Choice of 1 of the following foundations of education courses:  3
ELRC 7601   Foundations of Higher Education
EDCI  7901   Curriculum Theory
ELRC 7393   Multicultural Counseling

Humanistic and Behavior Studies  3-6 Credits

(Course Examples)
EDCI 7904    Education and Cognition
EDCI 4800    Multicultural Education

Research  3-6 Credits

(Course Examples)
ANTH 4090   Ethnographic Methodology
ELRC 4006    Introduction to Applied Statistics in Educational Research
ELRC 7220    Educational Program Evaluation
ELRC 7243    Qualitative Methods in Educational Research

Curriculum Studies Specialization 12-19 Credits

(Approved Other Courses)

Electives   6-9 Credits

(Approved Other Courses)

Total Credits            36

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