Applied Research, Measurement & Evaluation MA

The Applied Research Measurement and Evaluation program (ARME) consists of a minimum of 37 hours. At least one-half of the minimum credit hours must be in courses at or above the 7000 level. Students must also take and pass a Comprehensive Examination. (See Graduate School Bulletin for additional regulations.)


Admission Requirements

Students applying for the M.A. in Educational Leadership, Research, and Counseling must meet the following requirements: 

  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher and a combined verbal and quantitative GRE of 297 (verbal: 153; quantitative: 144) is required.
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your ability to complete graduate work are required. Letters must be written on official letterhead or emailed from a professional email account.

Course Requirements

The M.A. in ERM can be broken into four blocks of courses:

Humanistic and Behavioral Sciences (select 3 hours)

ELRC 4000

History of Education

3 hours

ELRC 4001

History of American Education

3 hours

ELRC 4002

Survey of Philosophy of Education

3 hours


Other courses that address the area of multicultural education



Educational Research Methodology Core Courses (22 hours)

ELRC 4006

Introduction to Applied Statistics in Educational Research

3 hours

ELRC 4249

Understanding and Applying Research in Education

3 hours

ELRC 7010

Principles of Testing and Measurement

3 hours

ELRC 7220

Educational Program Evaluation

3 hours

ELRC 7243

Qualitative Methods in Educational Research

4 hours

ELRC 7248

Introductory Research Practicum

3 hours

ELRC 7251

Technology Systems in Educational Research

3 hours


ERM Specialization Courses OR Thesis Option (selection option A or B for 6 hours)

Option A

Select a minimum of 6 hours from the following list of courses:


ELRC 7006

Educational Statistics

4 hours

ELRC 7016

Advanced Educational Statistics

4 hours

ELRC 7241

Educational Research Methodology

3 hours

ELRC 7263

Advanced Qualitative Methods in Education

3 hours

Option B

Choose to write a thesis. (Complete a minimum of 6 hours.)


ELRC 8000

Thesis Research

6 hours


Allied Field (6 hours)

Select 6 hours from an allied field. These fields include EDCI, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, other areas within ELRC, etc.





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For more information about this program, please contact:

Dr. Kim MacGregor
Associate Professor
111H Peabody Hall
Ph: (225) 578-2150