Pamela BlanchardPamela Borne Blanchard  

Associate Professor

Bachelor's Degree(s): Liberal Arts, University of St. Thomas (Houston), 1981; Geology and Geophysics, Lamar University (Beaumont, TX), 1992

PhD: Geology and Geophysics, Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA), 1998

Phone: (225) 578-2297


Office: 109 Peabody Hall



Dr. Pam Blanchard graduated from LSU in 1998 with a PhD in Geology and Geophysics. Prior to obtaining her doctorate, she graduated with a BA in liberal arts (1981, University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX) and a BS in geology (1992, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX). Prior to pursuing her interests in geology, she taught middle school math and science at two schools in Texas for 8½ years. After graduating from LSU, she worked for the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program as the education coordinator. She co-created LSU Ocean Commotion in 1998. She is the co-director for the LSU Coastal Roots Program, an environmental stewardship program begun in 2000 for grades 2-12 students at 40 schools in Louisiana. Her responsibilities in the School of Education are focused on helping elementary and secondary science educators teach science content in creative, meaningful, and engaging ways. Her current research interests are focused on natural resource stewardship at the K-12 level. She lives with her husband and son on her grandparents’ homestead along the Bayou Teche in Breaux Bridge. She enjoys reading, gardening, and watching her two dogs, cat, duck, and her many chickens..

Selected Publications

Blanchard, P.B. & Buchanan, T. K. (2011, Summer). Ecological stewardship in the primary grades. Childhood Education, 84(4), 232-238.

Smith, E. A., Blanchard, P. B., & Bargu, S. (2014). Education and public outreach concerning freshwater harmful algal blooms in southern Louisiana. Harmful Algae, 35, 38-45.

Lou, Y., Blanchard, P.B., & Kennedy, E. (2015). Development and validation of a science inquiry skills assessment. Journal of Geoscience Education, 63(1), 73-85.

Bush, N., Bush, E., Blanchard, P., Bush, N., & Conover, J. (2015). Studying the ecological benefits of Spartina grass species and use of a mathematical model (Pick’s Theorem) for historical documentation and future restoration of hypoxic marshlands. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 7(16), 1363-1374.  DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2015.716110

Lou, Y., Hooper, J., & Blanchard, P.B. (2016). Bald Eagle adventure: A game-based approach to promoting learning through science inquiry. 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Conrference paper. Savannah, Georgia, March 21-25 

Bush, N., Bush, E., Green, C, Anderson, J., Blanchard, P., Bush, N., & Conover, J. (2016). Mitigation of hypoxic ecosystems using hemolymph analysis of Callinectes sapidus and Procambarus clarkii in relation to Spartina grasses. Open Journal of Ecology, 6(8), 484-495.

Bush, N., Bush, E., Sokolova, Y., Bush, N., & Blanchard, P. (2018). Utilizing the physiological adaptation mechanisms of coastal plants for vegetative restoration of barrier islands. 2, 161, 222-227. 
Karsh, K., (2020). Integrating horticulture biology and environmental coastal issues into the middle school science curriculum. HortTechnology, 813-817.

Tucker, C. S., Trepanier, J. C., Blanchard, P. B., Bush, E. W., Jordan, J. W., Shafer, M. J., & Nyman, J. A. (2021). Using tree-ring research to introduce students to geoscience fieldwork. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 102(6). E1275-1282.

Selected Presentations

Legoria, M. & Blanchard, P. (2015, July). Is our garden working? Assessing children’s learning and engagement. National Children and Youth Garden Symposium, Austin, TX. July 9-11, 2015.

Legoria, M. & Blanchard, P. (2016, July). The Children’s Voice: Listening to the Experts. National Children and Youth Garden Symposium, Columbia, South Carolina. July 13-16, 2016.

Bush, E., & Blanchard, P. (2016, August). Globalization of Coastal Roots: A school-based urban and coastal plant nursery and stewardship program - Challenges and success. American Society for Horticultural Science, Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. August 8-11, 2016.  

Blanchard, P.B., DiIullo, D., Heffner, L., Twilley, R., Karimpour, A., & Habib, E. (2016, December). Watch the delta grow: Combining scientific research and outreach focused on the Wax Lake Delta to create a web-based educational program. Restore America’s Estuaries 9th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Legoria, M., Bush, E. W., Fontenot, K. K., & Blanchard, P. B. (2018, July). Horticulture in a Can: NGSS-aligned lessons on plant science phenomena. National Children and Youth Garden Symposium, Ithica,NY. July 11-15, 2018.

Tucker, C., Trepanier, J., & Blanchard, P. B. (2019, Oct). Gathering Climate and Tree-Ring Data with Environmental Science Students (poster). North American Environmental Education Association Meeting, Lexington, Kentucky. Oct 16-19, 2019.

Legoria, M., Blanchard, P.B., & Bush, E. (2020, July). Preventing Plant Blindness: Using phenology of plants to engage children. National Children and Youth Garden Symposium. Santa Cruz, CA. Canceled due to CoVID-19.

Blanchard, P. B., Williams, J., & Bush, E. (2020, Nov). LSU Coastal Roots Program: Helping to Sustain Louisiana’s Coastal Habitats through Science and Environmental Stewardship. 2020 NSTA New Orleans Area Conference, November 19–21, 2020. New Orleans, Louisiana.

Selected Grants/Funded Projects


Project Title: LASG Educating Louisiana's Future: Boosting K-12 Instruction of Coastal Environments SUBMITTED (May, 2017) FUNDED

PI: J. Trepanier (Co-PI: Blanchard; F&A:0%, Project Credit: 50%;0.75 mo salary)

Source of Support: LA Sea Grant College Program (LSU #46443; $196,994, Match: $102,291; $355,770)
Award Period: 2018-2020 (2 years; start date: 02/01/2018)


Project Title: STEAMing Up Agricultural and Environmental Literacy Education: Using Louisiana’s Coastal Challenges as a Context to Facilitate Innovative Professional Development, Experiential Learning, and Global Engagement Opportunities SUBMITTED (June, 2019) FUNDED

Personnel: Blanchard; F&A:0%, Project Credit: 0%; (0 mo salary) – CR connection

Source of Support: NIFA Grant [through PI Kristin Stair, AEEE, LSU AgCenter] 
Award Period: 2019-2021 (?? year; start date: ??)


Project Title: Layers of Louisiana Natural History: Environmental Collections Detail Coastal Change. SUBMITTED (Feb 2021) FUNDED

Co-PI: Blanchard; $99,420; F&A: 50%, Project Credit: 50%

Source of Support:  GOM BWET [through PI: DiIullo (LSG), w/ Aimee Hollander (NSU)] 
Award Period: 1/2022-12/2023 (2 year; start date: Jan 1, 2021)


2010 American Society for Horticultural Science Extension Publication Award (see Bush & Blanchard, 2009)

2011 Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana’s Coastal Stewardship Award

2013 LSU CHSE Partnership Award 

2013 Milton L. Cambre “Spirit of the Wetlands” Award from St. Charles Parish Wetland Watchers

2016 National Wetlands Award, Education

2019 LSTA William Craig Outstanding University Educator Award