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Research Procedures

The LSU Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool is committed to fostering high quality research and academic projects while protecting the children and families we serve. The Laboratory Preschool is the cornerstone of our institute. It's our living-learning laboratory where our researchers ask critical questions and create new knowledge to transform early childhood care and education for Louisiana and beyond.

We therefore adhere to the ethical guidelines outlined by LSU and NIH for research with human subjects. We have established the following procedures in relation to this goal. Individuals wishing to conduct research or academic projects should:

  1. Step 1. Submit a research or project request: LSU Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool Research or Project Request and provide evidence of IRB Approval (for research projects only). Please note proposals require at least two weeks for review.
  2. Step 2. Requests are reviewed by the ECE Lab Preschool Research Auxiliary Council. The following are considered: 
    • Feasibility of proposed methods within the context
    • Safety/well-being of child participants 
    • Project timeline and program goals
    • Level of required family involvement
    • Impact of the research or project on classroom schedules and space
  3. Step 3. After receiving project approval from the ECE Lab Preschool Research Auxiliary Council, you must complete the required background check. Please note that all personnel that engage in any interaction with children must pass a state background check. To initiate the background check process, personnel must schedule an appointment at the preschool by emailing us. This process typically takes three to five business days. We must have your completed background check prior to the start of the research or project. Complete steps as required by the review panel that may include:
    • Schedule time with the director to plan for recruitment, training of staff and research to be conducted as directed by the Research Auxiliary Council
    • Schedule a training session
    • Be available to respond to questions and concerns raised by parents

Upon completion of your project, a summary of research or project results should be sent to the Research Auxiliary Council, parents of participating children, and/or participating teachers. A sample letter is below.

Sample Letter



Research Request Proposal

LSU Institutional Review Board





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