Julie Schneider, PhD, LSU Faculty and Early Childhood Education Institute Member, Receives Research Impact Award


Baton Rouge, LA – Julie Schneider, PhD, a distinguished member of the LSU Faculty and a dedicated member of the LSU Early Childhood Education Institute (ECEI), has been named the inaugural recipient of the Early Childhood Education Institute Research Impact Award. Schneider is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders. She is also the Director of the Language, Environment and NeuroDevelopment Lab (LEND) where they study how families from different backgrounds play with, and talk to, their children in order to understand how the different interactions promote children’s brain health and help develop vocabulary. This prestigious award recognizes Schneider's outstanding contributions to the field of early childhood education and her significant research on early brain development and the impact of socioeconomic status on language learning. 
The ECEI Research Impact Award aims to honor researchers who have made a positive and transformative impact within the birth-3 research sector. Schneider's pioneering work sheds light on the underlying causes of language learning and provides invaluable insights into addressing language delays, with a particular focus on the effects of socioeconomic factors. There is a desperate need for research in the field area of early childhood education and care, especially in the birth-3 ages. The LSU ECEI mission is to focus on translating research during this critically important phase of life development for practitioners in the field. 
Schneider's extensive publication and grant track record demonstrate her commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding in the field. Her research has contributed significantly to our understanding of early brain development and language acquisition, providing crucial information for educators, policymakers, and practitioners striving to create equitable and accessible early childhood education programs. 
The LSU Early Childhood Education Institute is proud to have Schneider as a valued member of the faculty. Her dedication to research and her unwavering passion for improving outcomes for young children in Louisiana make her an asset to both the institute and the field of early childhood education as a whole. 

"We are thrilled to honor Dr. Schneider with the ECEI Research Impact Award," said  Cynthia DiCarlo, PhD, executive director of the LSU Early Childhood Education Institute. "Her groundbreaking research and commitment to understanding the complexities of early language development have had a profound impact on our field. Dr. Schneider's work serves as a foundation for further advancements in early childhood education and creates a pathway for addressing language delays effectively." 

The LSU Early Childhood Education Institute will celebrate Schneider's accomplishments at its annual ECEI Impact Reception this fall, where she will be recognized for her exceptional research contributions.  
For more information about the LSU Early Childhood Education Institute and the ECEI Research Impact Award, please visit www.lsu.edu/earlychildhoodmatters or contact eceinstitute@lsu.edu.  
About the LSU Early Childhood Education Institute: 
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