CC&E Presents the Spring Class of 2023

May 17, 2023

BATON ROUGE - CC&E is excited to congratulate its Spring 2023 graduating class.

Our class this year consists of five Doctoral candidates, twelve receiving Master’s degrees and 18 who will be getting their Bachelor of Science in Coastal Environmental Sciences, or CES. Five CES students will be graduating summa cum laude, the highest academic honor available.

With research ranging from the removal of radionucleotides to the quantification of mud settling velocity, these students are leaving well equipped to make an impact.

George Washburn, who will be receiving his Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences this Friday, said his experiences working with Department of Environmental Sciences Professor Linda Hooper- Bùi has helped prepare him for the next steps in his career. “My experience under Dr. Bùi had a great impact on my abilities as a scientist and writer and helped me get to the level of professionalism that I work at today.”

Likewise, CES student Madeline Fryer, who also will be receiving her diploma, said her time in Coastal Environmental Sciences has influenced her understanding of how integral environmental stewardship is to her field. “Environmental science is truly an interdisciplinary field. My time in CES has helped me develop the ability to draw connections between different issues and view environmental concerns from multiple perspectives and around the world.”

“Congratulations to our Spring 2023 graduates. You have worked hard, studying and learning under some of the finest minds in the field. Now the time has come for you to go out into the world and put your knowledge and skill to work,” said CC&E Dean Chris D’Elia. “I am excited to see all that you will accomplish, because I know you will make our college proud.”

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