Congratulations to CC&E’s Summer Class of 2021!

August 13, 2021

On August 13, the LSU College of the Coast & Environment awarded degrees to 16 graduates whose hard work and persistence culminated in the day’s celebrations.

This summer’s graduates have participated in research and exploration that impacts coasts and environments all over the world. Graduates among this group have travelled to Tanzania to study the link between the economy and ecosystem services along the coastline, mapped plastic pollution in the Amite Watershed, analyzed urban mosquito habitats to improve public health, tagged fish at Grande Isle Tarpon Rodeo to track the movements of migratory fish, modelled atmospheric circulation to advance knowledge of climate science, and so much more.

During their time in the college, they have worked alongside world-renowned faculty experts in a wide variety of soil, aquatic, plant, atmospheric, and social sciences who have worked hard to provide them with a holistic, integrative approach to interdisciplinary coastal and environmental research and education that will serve them well in their careers.

We congratulate the following graduates and wish them a prosperous future.

Below are the livestreams for the graduate and undergraduate ceremonies and a list of all the summer Class of 2021 College of the Coast & Environment graduates. 

Last Name First Name Hometown Degree Dissertation/Thesis
Boswell Kyrsten Ponchatoula, LA Bachelor's, Coastal Environmental Science  NA
Johnson Abigail R Saint Rose, LA Bachelor's, Coastal Environmental Science  NA
Joseph Corbin Powder Springs, GA Bachelor's, Coastal Environmental Science  NA
Divan Gourav Deepakraj Marietta, GA Master's, Environmental Sciences Modeling Microplastic Production in the Amite River Watershed, Louisiana
Moon Jessica East Moline, IL Master's, Environmental Sciences An Analysis of Use of Dialogic Communication Features on Indiana Environmental Organizations’ Websites
Rogers Rachel Vicksburg, MS Master's, Environmental Sciences Mosquito distributions and stoichiometric analysis between open and closed canopies in New Orleans cemeteries
Forsman Jocelyn Baton Rouge, LA Master's, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences  222-Radon as a Tracer for Air-Sea CO2 Exchange Across the Louisiana Shelf
Kristan Allyson Raleigh, NC Master's, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences  Penguins Past and Present: Trace Elements, Stable Isotopes, and Population Dynamics in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Penguins and Seals
Lovell Mitchell Shay Florence, AL Master's, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences  Seasonal Variation in the Feeding Ecology of Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) from the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Nelson Shannon Alexis Pensacola, FL Master's, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences  Hydrometeorological Responses to Abrupt Land Surface Change Following Hurrican Michael
Riedlinger Lance Paulina, LA Master's, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences  Use of Lake Sedimentary Records as an Archive Reconstructing Fluvial Flooding and Storm Surge Events: A Case Study in Lake Charlotte, Texas 
Denoux Robert Baton Rouge, LA Online Master's, Environmental Sciences   Analyzing Management Strategies of Overfishing in the Gulf of Mexico
Kelley Sean Baton Rouge, LA Online Master's, Environmental Sciences   The Global Problem of Electronic Waste
Bushra Nazla Dhaka, Bangladesh PhD, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Characterizing the Northern Hemisphere Circumpolar Vortex through Space and Time
Hernandez Mario Plainfield, NJ PhD, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Fisheries Food Webs: Quantifying Habitat-use, Trophic Structure, and Energetic Pathways in Coastal Tanzania
Payandeh Ali Reza Iran PhD, Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Numerical and Field Study of Tidal and Subtidal Dynamics in a Bar-Built Estuary: Barataria Bay, Gulf of Mexico