3-meter Normal Incidence Monochromator (3m-NIM) Beamline


Beamline Description

The monochromator is a McPherson-type normal incidence (15 degree included angle) instrument equipped with two inter-changeable spherical gratings covering the photon energies of 3 eV – 13 eV and 8 eV – 30 eV.  The resolving power is about 50,000.

End Station

The 3m-NIM beamline provides two experiment platforms.  The 1st tail is stationary equipped with a Scienta (SES 200) high-resolution photoelectron analyzer (resolution ~ 20 meV) with LEED optics and a sample preparation chamber for surface science applications.  The 2nd tail provides opportunity for any experiments required for high-resolution UV and VUV photons.


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Research/Technical Contact: Eizi Morikawa