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Explore the Math Circle Competition Team (MCCT) at LSU for an enjoyable journey into problem-solving, skill-building, and friendly competition. Designed for students in grades 7–12, our collaborative approach draws inspiration from professional mathematicians, beginning with accessible mysteries. MCCT provides a relaxed setting for weekly meetups, preparing students for regional and national math competitions such as the AMC, AIME, and Purple Comet Math Meet. Sponsored by the Cain Center and the LSU Department of Mathematics, our aim is to enrich participants’ math skills within a welcoming community environment.

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Math Circles, led by enthusiastic instructors, bring together pre-college students in an informal setting. The sessions focus on exploring interesting problems or topics, fostering a sense of discovery, and generating excitement about mathematics.

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MCCT Organizers

Frank Neubrander
Faculty Sponsor
(225) 772-7252

Christian Ennis
Coordinator & Instructor
Graduate Student, Mathematics


The Math Circle movement, which originated in Eastern Europe, made its way to the United States in the 1990s. Currently, over 180 Math Circle programs are active nationwide. While Math Circles differ in their approach and the students they cater to, they all aim to unite mathematicians and students. The shared goal is to introduce students to advanced mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills, going beyond what’s typically covered in regular school classes.

We gather throughout the academic year on Sundays, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., on campus.

At LSU, our circle includes some competitive elements. Here are some notable achievements from our teams in the past:

Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, Boston, MA
Jonathan Poss placed 21st in Theme Round
Andre Bourque placed 50th in Theme Round
Andre Bourque made semi-finals of the HMMT Integration Bee

Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, Boston, MA
Max Pan won the Integration Bee
Berkeley Math Tournament, Berkeley, CA

Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, Boston, MA
A team placed 48th overall out of 147 teams; B team placed 97th, and C team placed 119th. A team placed 47th out of 147 international teams. Eight-hundred top math students from around the world. Fourteen of the 18 LSU MCCT members were first-time competitors.

Berkeley Math Tournament, Berkeley, CA
A team placed 22nd out of 74 teams.

Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, Boston, MA
A team placed 5th out of 135 teams in the Team Test. A team also placed 18th out of 127 teams overall.

Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, Boston, MA
Students participated in upper division against the top 95 teams from around the world. Team member Scott Wu placed 7th individually in the Combinatorics Round. The team placed 15th in the GUTS Round and 34th overall.

Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, Boston, MA
2nd Place in lower division

Past coaches, coordinators, and organizers
2016: Amy Adair (LSU undergrad student)
2013: Jesse Levitt (LSU grad student)
2012: First Year MCCT at LSU

Please email with any questions or concerns. 

A math circle is a social structure where participants engage in the depths and intricacies of mathematical thinking, propagate the culture of doing mathematics, and create knowledge. To reach these goals, participants partake in problem-solving, mathematical modeling, the practice of art, and philosophical discourse. Some circles involve competition, others do not; all promote camaraderie.

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