Union Theater Policies and Guidelines

Union Theater Policies and Guidelines


Theater Etiquette

*Management reserves the right to remove (or deny entrance to) anyone who does not adhere to house rules or is otherwise disruptive, destructive, or poses a threat to others

House Rules

Food and Drink:

  • Food and beverages are not allowed inside the Auditorium.
  • If food and beverages were approved to be given by event sponsor, the food and beverages must be consumed in one of our lobbies.
  • Bottled water with a lid can be brought into the auditorium.
  • Alcohol is prohibited.
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited.
  • All personal devices must be turned OFF as you enter the auditorium and remain off throughout the show.





  • Audience members should refrain from leaving during a live performance, as it disturbs those around them and performers on stage.
  • Recording devices are prohibited during performances, unless given permission by the copyright holders.
  • Audience members arriving after the show has began will be seated as an appropriate break in the performance.
  • When deciding to bring small children to an event, parents should be sensitive to the nature of the live theater and the interchange of emotions, as well as the length of the event. Some events may be advertised as not appropriate for children.
  • Strollers and/or baby carriers are prohibited in the theater.

All persons are expected to respect all facilities and the rights of others as well as abide by University policies and all laws. Noncompliance of any of the following will result in removal from the facility:

  • Animals are prohibited inside the facilities, with the exception of registered service animals.
  • Soliciting: LSU has strict guidelines (PS – 6) regulating solicitation.
  • Property Damage: Destruction of property will result in applicable fees to reimburse or replace damaged property. Clients must report the incident. Cancellation of future events and loss of reservation privileges may also apply.
  • Sound Regulations: LSU Auxiliary Services reserves the right to determine if sound amplification levels are disturbing other groups or operations. Noise makers in the audience are prohibited.
  •  Fire Code: Open flames, the blocking of any doors and exits, as well as other fire hazards are strictly prohibited. Any event not in compliance with fire code will be immediately shut down and the space evacuated until proper adjustments are made. Guests may not obstruct aisles of the theater. Strollers, baby carriers, walkers, etc. can be left at coat check.
  • Access: No person or their possession should enter or occupy any space designated as off limits to them. This includes maintenance and custodial areas, construction zones, technical areas, and other designated spaces.
  • Signage: No signs can be taped to any portion of the building.

  • If the University is closed due to inclement weather, all reservations in the LSU Student Union will be cancelled automatically.
  • When the alarm sounds, please exit the building immediately
    and calmly, without use of elevator. Please wait until notified by LSU Auxiliary Services before returning to the building. Areas of refuge for persons unable to us stairs are located on the second and third floor balcony landings.

Rental Policies

Please thoroughly read our guidelines below in accordance to your group or department.

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