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LSU Copier Management provides departments the simplest, most cost-effective way to acquire a Multi-Function Device or MFD (Copier-Printer-Scanner-Fax. The Copier Management Program eliminates the need for individual departments to research and compare pricing, functionality, quality, service and maintenance. A department is charged a predetermined per copy or click charge. There are no additional charges. Service, support, repair, parts, toner and staples are included in the per page cost. For a copier request, please fill out the form below.

COPIER Request form

Copier info & Trainings

  • No monthly lease or maintenance fees
    • Charged for only what is printed and copied
    • No penalties, limits or overage charges
    • New machines every 5 Years
  • What's included at no additional price?
    • Toner and staples
    • All replacement parts
    • All service, maintenance, and training
    • PC and Mac printing setup
    • Network Port Activity on Baton Rouge Campus
  • Security at every level:
    • Data overwrite security system
    • copy codes for tracking and use restriction
    • locked print for sensitive or confidential print
  • All Copies and prints are a set price and does not change because of high toner coverage.
  • Free unlimited use of Scan-To-Email
  • The Copier Management Team is part of LSU! We are staffed by LSU employees and students, dedicated to Ensuring contract specifications are met and maintained.

  • Service
    • Average response/completion time is less than 2 hours.
    • Dedicated vendor service technician for LSU customer service on Campus, Monday - Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM.
    • Supplies and routine repair parts are stocked on campus for quick delivery.
  • Billing via Internal Transaction
    • Details total volume for the month for easy management and budgeting by taking the "guess work" out of what is being spent on copying & printing.

Need to order toner?

Please order toner when you put your last bottle in the machine. There is no charge for toner.

Allow five (5) days for delivery.

All used toner cartridges can be recycled. Please contact LSU Campus
Sustainability at to arrange for a pickup.

Toner Order Form

Moving a copier?

Please put in a request using the form below. Scheduled dates will be based on the availability of the movers.

This is not a confirmation.

Copier Move Request

Copier contact updates?

If the contact person changes within your department, please complete the form below, so we
can update our records. The new contact personnel will receive a username and password
in order to login to the Fleet Management Portal.

Contact update form

Copier billing updates?

If you need to update your account number for billing, please complete the form below. You
will receive confirmation from Copier Management once the account has been

Copier Billing Account Number Update


Please check below for any solutions to your current problem, if errors still occur, please contact Copier Management for service:

Problem Resolution Explanation
All users cannot print. Power Copier Off/On using both power switches. This refreshes copier’s network connection
Scan to Email not going through Power machine Off/On using both power switches. This refreshes copier’s network connection to the email server
Machine stuck in Powering On or “green screen” Contact Copier Management to open a service call. Machine software problem
Machine is asking to be Reset Contact Copier Management to open a service call. Continuing to power the machine off/on will not resolve. Machine software problem
MAC User Receiving Invalid Account ID when trying to print. Print Jobs are deleting Contact Copier Management to open a service call. Provide user name, room, phone, available office hours. MAC user issues are unique and different from Widows/PC user printing problems.
Lines on copies and prints If lines are occurring on prints, contact copier management to open a service call. Lines on prints indicates a problem with a drum or the fuser.
Drum: R1, R2, R3, R4 Replace Transfer Belt Cleaner Replace 2ndBias Transfer Roll Contact Copier Management to open a service call. Technician will replace.
Line across page on copies. Line is occurring on all copies when running originals through feeder. Clean the ADF Exposure Glass. This is the narrow strip of glass to the left of the large flatbed glass. Liquid paper or debris on ADF exposure glass will cause a line to form on all copies when using feeder.
Machine Offline, Message cable is unplugged, Message cannot communicate with DHCP Check network patch cable is connected to port on wall. Power machine Off/On using both power switches. Power could have gone out briefly. Cable may have been unplugged or is in wrong port. Power cycle copier to refresh network connection.
Single user cannot print. Print jobs are staying on the print queue on the user’s computer. User should power computer off/on. If other users are printing, problem may be with the user’s computer connection to the network.
Print jobs are not going through. Jobs are backing up in the “Active Job” queue on the copier If powering the copier Off/On using both power switches does not resolve, contact Copier Management to clear the active job queue on the copier. A deleted job that does not clear from the active job queue on the copier will block all subsequently submitted jobs.
Immediate Image Overwrite Failed Message appearing This does not affect the functioning of the machine. Contact Copier Management to set the Disk Overwrite to run overnight to clear message. An interruption occurred when the copier was overwriting the image on the disk after a copy, print, etc was made. Disk Overwrite will clear the message.
Resources Required Message At the copier, press Job Status Button and view Active Jobs. Select job, from menu. Details option will show paper size & type the job is requiring. Or, the job can be deleted; page setup adjusted by the user and then resent to print. Held job should not block other print and copy jobs. If job requires a certain paper size or has designated a tray and the paper specified is not loaded, a Resources Required message will appear. The job will not print until that paper is loaded. Some copiers will offer an option to Print on Alternate Paper.
Tray not recognizing paper is loaded. Open tray. Remove all paper. Reload stack of paper into tray. If tray is adjustable, make sure paper guides are flush against Top, Bottom and Right Side of paper stack. Close tray. Confirm paper tray contents. If this does not resolve, contact Copier Management to open a service call. Problem with the way the paper is loaded in the tray. Problem with paper guides paper type & size not confirmed. Sensor out of place.


Service & Supplies:

For service & supply orders contact us at:
Phone: 225-578-2003

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Mailing Address:

LSU Copier Management
310 LSU Student Union
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Contact Manager:

Megan Melancon
Contracts and Billing Manager

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