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LSU Auxiliary Services

Here at Auxiliary Services, we provide FIERCE services and resources for all students and staff at LSU. We take great PRIDE in providing Freshman & Transfer Students with what we like to call their "Tiger Necessities"! This includes many first year fundamentals, such as their LSU ID, meal plans, and more!

The LSU Student Union is our home here on campus and it's where you will find a majority of the resources and services we provide for a convenient day-to-day Tiger Life experience. With spaces available to study, collaborate, and eat, we invite everyone to enjoy the LSU Student Union as your Campus Living Room!

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President Tate with his official LSU ID

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Your Tiger Card is an essential part of your daily life here at LSU! This is your Campus ID and holds your Pawpoints, TigerCash and Meal Plan Balances.

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The LSU Student Union Building Policies

All persons are expected to respect all facilities and the rights of others as well as abide by University policies and all laws. Any person engaging in disorderly conduct, including verbal or physical, is subject to immediate removal.

Student Union Hours: During spring and fall semesters, building hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., Saturday from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Hours are reduced during holidays and interim periods. For current building hours, click here.

*For safety reasons, Auxiliary Services strongly discourages individuals from working alone in the building outside of building hours.*

Information Desk: The staff at the LSU Student Union Info Desk, located on the second floor, is available to answer questions about the Student Union and the LSU campus.

Lost and Found: High value items which LSU Police deem traceable, such as credit cards, laptop computers, mobile devices, data hard drives, and prescribed medications will be sent to LSU Police. Other items such as clothing or non-traceable items will be held for up to 14 days and then destroyed. *Tiger Cards will be turned in to the Tiger Card Office.

Safety/Emergency Response:

**For immediate assistance, contact LSU Police Department: 225-578-3231 or 911**

Please refer to the LSU Student Union Emergency Response Plan printed manual for the following events: fire, tornado, bomb threat, hurricane and medical emergency.

The LSU Student Union Emergency Response Plan printed manual should have been given to you or your office administrator(s) upon entering into a lease within the Union building. If you need a copy of the manual or have questions about information in the manual, please contact asfacilities@lsu.edu or contact the Director of Facilities and Operations 225-578-4256.

Restricted Areas: No person or their possession should enter or occupy any space designated as off limits to them. This includes maintenance and custodial areas, construction zones, roofs or balconies, and other designated restricted spaces.

Animals are prohibited inside the building, except for registered animals. 

Fire Code & Safety Equipment: Open flames, smoke/fog machines, the blocking of any doors and exits, as well as other fire hazards are strictly prohibited in the Student Union.

Loading Dock: The Union loading dock and lot are for loading and unloading purposes only. Parking is not allowed at any time, including nights, weekends and holidays. Vehicles will be towed at owner's expense. Temporary access to the main loading dock must be requested, confirmed and scheduled by the Auxiliary Services building staff at asfacilities@lsu.edu.

Damage charges: Damages to Union property beyond normal wear and tear may incur charges to the tenant/client and are expected to be reported by tenants/clients. Charges will include actual cost of materials, labor rates and any other associated cost. The pricing will be consistent with Facility Services billing amounts for any damages and you will be charged directly by Facility Services.

Pest Control: The Union maintains a pest control contract for monthly services. Contact Facility Services for questions, requests, or additional information.

Signage: Signs for meeting rooms, conference rooms and offices are to be kept consistent throughout the building. If you need names, room numbers or titles changed, please contact asfacilities@lsu.edu.

Signage, including signage for events and meetings, should not be taped, pinned, nailed, clamped or affixed to the walls, windows, doors, floors, columns, light fixtures, or hung from ceilings.  Event management can supply sign stands for event when requested by the deadline.

The use of chalk, paint or any other materials in and around the Union is strictly prohibited, including sidewalks and exterior walls.  

Skateboards, Hoverboards, Rollerblades and Bikes: Skateboarding, skating, riding hoverboards of any type are not permitted. Bikes are prohibited inside the building. Outside bike racks have been provided for the safe keeping of bikes while riders are in the building.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside the building or anywhere on campus, including the Union loading dock area.  This includes vaping or any other type of smoking.

Sound Regulations: Auxiliary Services staff reserves the right to determine if sound amplification levels are disturbing other groups or operations.

Storage: Departmental areas have designated storage closets for business usage. With storage space limited or reserved for operational purposes, special requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact asfacilities@lsu.edu.

Trash/Recycling: Union building services staff is responsible for trash and recycling pick-up. Please break down large boxes and place near trash receptacles for proper disposal. Contact asfacilities@lsu.edu with any questions 225-578-5141.

An evening vew of the Student Union Theater building

The LSU Student Union is also home to the renowned Union Theater, located to the right of the main building. Book your next show on our stage or purchase tickets for your next outing!

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An outward view of the Art Gallery during a previous exhibit. gallery walls are lined with works and there are sculptures on pedestals.