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University Mail - Departmental

Mailing Services has the responsibility of collecting all USPS mail and packages addressed to the university’s 70803 zip code from the US Post Office (PS-91). We provide the university community with pickup, processing and distribution of all departmental and campus mail. Our dedicated mail couriers make designated stops at over 65 buildings across the Baton Rouge Campus, South Campus and Pennington Biomedical Research Center every weekday.

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Bulk Mail Form

Domestic Postage Charge Form

International Postage Charge Form

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Departmental Mail

Departmental Mail is all USPS mail addressed to and being sent off-campus from the university’s unique zip code of 70803. The inbound departmental mail is collected from the US Post Office, sorted and delivered across campus to the various departments daily. Mail is sorted according to the LSU department name.

Note: Postage meter imprints paid for with LSU Funds are to be used for official business purposes only. Personal use of such postage is a misappropriation of state funds.

All departmental and campus mail is sorted and delivered by LSU department name. It is essential that a full department name be part of the address. Improperly addressed envelopes cannot be delivered in a timely manner, require additional handling, and may be returned to the sender. We discourage the use of acronyms and initials for the department name in the mailing address.

Interdepartmental Campus Mail Format Example:
First & Last Name of Recipient
Department Name
Building & Room Number

Inbound Departmental Mail Format Example:
First & Last Name of Recipient
LSU College and/or Department Name
Building Name & Room Number
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

LSU Box Address Format Example:
First & Last Name of Recipient
101 LSU Student Union Bldg.
LSU Box # ________
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Correspondence to students living on-campus should follow the above LSU Box Address Format.

  • Outbound mail to be metered with postage must have a Postage Charge Form attached.
    • Outbound mail to be metered must have a LSU return address
    • Form must contain typed Workday Driving Worktag and Barcode.
      • View and complete form using Adobe Acrobat.
      • Form Fields and barcode creation do not work when using Chrome.
      • No spaces or dashes should be used when entering the worktag.
      • Include all preceding and trailing zeros in the worktag.
      • Other form fields may be completed by hand.
  • Separate outbound mail into 4 categories:Domestic
      • Departmental Mail to be metered
      • International Departmental Mail to be metered
      • Mail with Postage Stamps applied
      • Campus Mail
    • Overstuffed envelopes should be sealed closed with tape.

On behalf of LSU Mailing Services, Auxiliary Services holds a Business Reply Mail Permit that is available to all LSU departments wishing to use the service. Business Reply Mail service enables departments to receive mail back and be charged postage only for the pieces returned.

The Business Reply Mail must be addressed to LSU Mailing Services, the permit holder’s address. This address and design may not be altered.

Sample layout:
Louisiana State University
Mailing Services
PO BOX 80171
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-9943

  • Departments are required to place their Department Name and Workday Driving Worktag in the upper left corner of the mail piece to ensure proper delivery of BR Mail to the department and accurate postage billing. Additional information may be added as an option such as: project name, survey name, contact name.
  • LSU Mailing Services collects BR Mail daily from the BR Mail PO Box. Using the information referenced in the upper left corner of the envelope, the postage is charged to the department’s driving worktag and delivered to the department.
  • Departments wishing to use the Business Reply Mail Service will need to have the envelopes printed. If the LSU brand is to be used in the return address field, please consult Procurement before printing.
  • Departments should notify LSU Mailing Services,, each time they utilize BR Mail, supplying a pdf proof of the BR Mail envelope being used and the number of mail pieces being sent.
  • Please contact for the BR Mail Permit number and additional information on using Business Reply Mail.
  • In the upper left-hand corner of the letter in the return address section, please include Department Name and Workday Worktag.

The nonmachinable surcharge is added to First-Class Mail® with any of the following criteria:

  • For pieces more than 4-1/4 inches high or 6 inches long, the thickness is less than 0.009 inch
  • The length divided by height is less than 1.3 or more than 2.5 (length is the dimension parallel to the address)
  • It is poly-bagged, poly-wrapped, enclosed in any plastic material, or has an exterior surface made of a material that is not paper
  • It has clasps, strings, buttons, or similar closure devices
  • It is too rigid or contains items such as pens, keys or coins that cause the thickness of the mailpiece to be uneven
  • It has a delivery address parallel to the shorter dimension of the mailpiece

Please check USPS for Criteria 

*As of January 28, 2019, we are unable to process unsealed mail with the flaps up. Please make sure the flap is down on all envelopes.*

Mail Pickup & Delivery

Departmental mail is collected from and delivered to the US Post Office daily. Outbound mail is collected by the mail couriers while delivering the inbound mail to the designated stops across campus once a day. Mail is sorted and delivered according to the LSU department name. It is essential that a full department name be part of the address. We discourage the use of acronyms and initials in the mailing address.

For USPS Forms, Campus Mail Envelopes, bins and trays, please contact The UPS Store.


USPS Current Pricing


All Price List

Mailing rates are subject to change as they are dependent upon USPS pricing.


other mail and department services

Purchase & Use
The university has established LSU Mailing Services as the mail dispatcher for the University (PS-91). LSU Mailing Services is responsible for compliance with appropriate US Postal Service rules and regulations.  All outbound mail must be identified and metered through LSU Mailing Services.

  • Mailing needs should be met through LSU Mailing Services/The UPS Store.
  • Departments must obtain prior approval from LSU Mailing Services for an exception to purchase and use postage stamps.  This exception would be granted only for occasional special or urgent mailing needs.  If prior approval to purchase postage stamps is granted, the department is expected to purchase them from the mail vendor on the main campus, The UPS Store, not directly from the US Postal Service.
  • The only exception is a situation where the mail vendor, The UPS Store, is unable to meet the department’s need, and will require written justification and prior approval from LSU Mailing Services.  
  • Requests may be emailed to That written email approval must be attached to all stamp purchase backup documentation.

Procedures for Control of Stamps

  • Postage stamps in a department’s possession must be treated as cash and held in a secure location. It is the responsibility of the department to maintain appropriate controls and auditable records supporting the use of the postage stamps, including to whom postage stamps were issued, the quantity issued, and the balance of postage stamps on hand.
  • Postage stamps purchased by a department may only be used for University business and may not, under any circumstances, be sold to employees, students or others, nor may they be used for personal purposes.
  • A department may only purchase postage directly from the US Postal Service in a situation where LSU Mailing Services/The UPS Store is substantially unable to meet their needs, and only with the advance approval of LSU Mailing Services. Postage stamps purchased directly from the US Postal Service are subject to the same conditions as postage stamps purchased from LSU Mailing Services/The UPS Store, as described above.

Note: Postage stamps and postage meter imprints paid for with LSU Funds are to be used for official business purposes only. Personal use of such postage is a misappropriation of state funds.

Bulk Mail Nonprofit Permit

On behalf of LSU Mailing Services, Auxiliary Services maintains a Nonprofit Bulk Mail Permit. Utilization of the nonprofit bulk mail permit for your department’s domestic mailings may substantially reduce the cost of postage. A minimum of 200 pieces, of identical size and weight, is required to qualify for nonprofit bulk mail. The use of LSU’s bulk mail permit must be authorized in advance by LSU Mailing Services. Authorization may be secured by submitting the Bulk Mail Control Number Request Form to: Approved nonprofit bulk mailings will be issued a unique LSU control number by LSU Mailing Services. Postage for the mailing will be drafted from an USPS advance payment account. Auxiliary Services will charge back the department for the postage used. If postage charges are not an allowable expenditure of University funds, Auxiliary Services will invoice the department for the postage charges.

When planning to use bulk mail, please consider and prepare for slower delivery times. Bulk mail is processed by the USPS on a lower priority basis than First-Class mail. There is no guaranteed delivery time. In state mail is typically delivered in about 3 to 6 business days, national mail is typically delivered between 7 days to 2 weeks. Bulk Mail is not forwarded if the addressee has moved, nor is it returned if undeliverable.

Bulk Mail Basics

  • Minimum of 200 pieces, of identical size and weight is required.
  • Postage rate is based on size, shape, and weight.
  • Mailing address list must contain only domestic addresses.
  • Mailing address list must be NCOA updated and CASS Certified.
  • Envelopes must be presorted.
  • Nonprofit bulk mail indicia must be printed onto each mail piece.
  • LSU control number may only be used one time, for one mail drop.

An LSU approved vendor should be engaged as a mailing agent to process the bulk mailing for your department, as there are specific USPS requirements that must be met when using the nonprofit bulk mail permit. Many print vendors will act as the mailing agent and preform bulk mail processes. The mailing address list used must be NCOA updated, CASS certified, and sorted into “presort” order prior to mailing. The mailing agent will complete certification and sorting, in addition to addressing the envelopes and completing the necessary PS Form 3602-N and depositing the bulk mailing at the US Post Office. Currently our permit is held at the Bluebonnet Station.

LSU Bulk Mail Control Number Request and Processing Procedures: The Department should complete the Bulk Mail Control Number Request Form and send to Mailing Services via email: A pdf of the print proof of the mail piece should be submitted with the control number request form. The control number request form must be submitted prior to the processing of the bulk mail job by the print vendor/mailing agent. Failure to do so could result in the depletion of permit account funds and/or your mailing to be delayed. We suggest submitting the control number request form no later than the day the final print proof is approved by your department. It is not required that the exact number of mail pieces and exact date be submitted on the request form, only an estimation is necessary.

Mailing Services will issue a LSU control number via email to the department contact within 3 business days of receipt of request. The department contact is responsible for providing the print vendor/mailing agent with the LSU control number.

The print vendor/mailing agent is responsible for the completion and submission of USPS Form 3602-N for Non-Profit Standard Mail when depositing the mail at the US Post Office where the permit is held.

The print vendor/mailing agent is required to, on the day of the mailing, notify LSU Mailing Services which LSU control number has been used along with the dollar amount of postage, the number of pieces mailed and the date deposited at the US Post Office. This information may be provided to LSU Mailing Services by the one of the three different methods.

Electronic Submittal of PS 3602-N allows the mailing agent to add additional user defined fields to the 3602-N form. For example, Customer Reference ID. The LSU control number may be entered in this field, and the data will be transferred into the USPS system and will appear on the final USPS Postage Summary which is then downloaded by LSU Mailing Services. This is the easiest, most efficient method.

Hard Copy Submittal of PS 3602-N does not allow for the LSU control number to appear on the final USPS Postage Summary. The LSU control number may be noted on the PS 3602-N form, however, extraneous information is not transferred into the USPS system. On the day the mailing is deposited at USPS, a copy of the completed 3602-N form with the estimated postage amount and associated LSU control number must be sent to LSU Mailing Services via email: An email containing the below specified information may be sent on the day of mailing to LSU Mailing Services,
LSU Control #
LSU Department:
Postage $:

If there is an Adjustment Summary issued for the submitted PS 3602-N form by USPS either at the time the mail is deposited or during processing the print vendor/mailing agent must promptly email a copy of the Adjusted Summary to LSU Mailing Services. If the contracted Vendor outsources mailing portion to another party, contracted Vendor must ensure the above procedures are adhered to by outsourced party.

Before placing your international letter or package in your out-going mail:

  • Attach necessary Customs Form
  • Attach International Postage Charge Form
  • Ensure mail item displays a valid University return address
  • Keep separate from your out-going Domestic Mail

Customs forms can be completed online on the US Postal Services International Mail Webpage. Print the completed customs form and attach to your parcel.

For assistance with International mailing requirements, contact The UPS Store at:

Customs Forms Basic Guidelines

First Class Mail International
All Letter-size and Flat-size items. Containing documents only.

  • Under 16 oz – No customs form
  • 16oz or more, Less than $400 value – PS Form 2976

All Items containing any goods, regardless of weight

  • Less than $400 value – PS Form 2976
  • Over $400 – Prohibited. *Must be sent using Priority Mail*
  • International or Priority Mail Express International

Priority Mail International

  • All Values - PS Form 2976-A
  • Mailed in USPS-produced Priority Mail International packaging or any other container bearing a Priority Mail sticker or marked with the words “Priority Mail” is within scope of this requirement.

Priority Mail Express International

  • All Values – PS Form 2976-B

Airmail M Bags

  • Less than $400 Value – PS Form 2976 affixed to PS Tag 158
  • Over $400 or over 66lbs - Prohibited

You do not need a customs form if you are:

  • Sending First-Class Mail International
  • The envelope must:
    • Be less than 3/4 inch thick
    • Weigh less than 16oz
    • Contain only documents or letters

International Address Formats

  • Print complete address clearly in capital letters with a pen or permanent marker.
  • Do not use commas or periods
  • City destination must appear in capital letters with the correct post code or zone number, if any
  • The last line of the address must show only the country name, in full (no abbreviations) in English, and in capital letters

International Address Format Examples:


When sending Certified Mail and Requesting Return Receipt, firmly attach the PS Form 3800 and PS Form 3811 along with the Domestic Mail Postage Charge From to the mail piece.  Place in your out-going mail for pickup by your mail courier.

PS Form 3800
Provides proof of mailing at the time of mailing and the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery.  Upon request, Return Receipt can be added to confirm delivery or that a delivery attempt was made.

  • Provides sender with mailing receipt.
  • Available for: First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service and Priority Mail
  • May be combined with: restricted delivery, return receipt
  • No insurance provided.

On Form 3800, enter the name and complete address of the person or firm to whom the mail is addressed.

Certified Mail form 3800

Domestic Return Receipt Postcard

PS Form 3811
The Domestic Return Receipt provides mailers with evidence of delivery, to whom the mail was delivered and date of delivery, along with information about the recipient’s delivery address.  Can be added to Certified Mail Service to confirm delivery or that a delivery attempt was made.

A complete return address is required on the mail piece when a return receipt is requested.

Domestice Return Receipt Postcard form 3811

PS Forms 3800 and 3811 are available at no charge on the website. Forms may also be requested by emailing Forms will be sent to you through Campus Mail.