Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room in the LSU Student Union

October 12, 2017

Through a partnership of LSU Student Government and LSU Auxiliary Services, an Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room has opened in the LSU Student Union.

 “We are excited to partner with LSU Student Government on a project that promotes inclusivity and allows all individuals to feel welcomed in the LSU Student Union,” said Margot Carroll, Assistant Vice President of LSU Auxiliary Services.  “This was initiated by LSU Student Government and has been a very encouraging, student-centered project.”

LSU Student Government Student Senate passed a resolution in April 2017 requesting the implementation of an Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room in the LSU Student Union. This resolution was initiated after concern was raised during an International Student Luncheon that there was a lack of sufficient and convenient space on campus for prayer and meditation.

 “The space allows for individuals or small groups to come together in a quiet space for prayer, meditation, and reflection throughout the day,” said James Mickler, Speaker of the LSU Student Senate. “We are encouraging all users to exercise respect and tolerance for the integrity of each others' beliefs, cultures and traditions.”

 Located on the second floor of the LSU Student Union near the Information Desk, the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room is open to all people, regardless of faith or belief. The room opened during the first week of the Fall semester and is available during open building hours.  



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