Used Equipment 

Equipment that is used or that has been previously purchased by an individual or corporation may be purchased by the university if the department head justifies the purchase and if the purchase is approved by Procurement as being in the best interest of the university.

In order to purchase used equipment, a requisition must be submitted to Procurement with a Used Equipment Justification Form from the department head certifying all of the following:

  • a signed quote from the supplier stating the price (FOB LSU) and a brief description of the item.
  • the price for which the used equipment may be obtained.
  • the plan for maintenance and repair of the equipment and the cost thereof.
  • the saving that will accrue to the university as a result of the purchase of the used equipment.
  • a statement, and written confirmation from the seller, that following procedures otherwise set out in this Purchasing Policy would result in the loss of the opportunity to purchase the equipment.


Rev 9/30/22




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