Uniform Policy

Prior to purchase of departmental uniforms, a written policy approved by the Department Head must be submitted to the Assistant Vice President for Procurement for review and approval. 

The uniform policy must address the following:

  • Minimum criteria for consideration:
    • Employees must have exposure to University personnel and the public.  (i.e. Facility Services, Residential Life, etc).
    • The mission of the department must warrant the issuance of uniforms to its employees.
    • Uniforms must be mandatory dress for employees.
    • A listing of the job classifications of the employees that will receive the uniforms must be included.
  • Additional Requirements:
    • The uniform color shall accurately reflect the mission of the department and University.
    • All logos and artwork are to be approved by Public Affairs (per PS-10) and Trademark Licensing (per PS-93).
    • Items must be durable and of reasonable cost.
    • Replacement policy for the items must be addressed.
    • Responsibility for laundering the items by employees must be addressed.
    • Responsibilities of the employees concerning care and wear of the uniforms must be described.




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