When an award (federal, state, industrial, and private) is received in which a portion is subcontracted, the PI should complete and forward to OSP the "Request to Draft Subaward Form."

OSP will draft the subcontract/subaward and electronically send to the PI for review. After reviewing the subaward for accuracy, the PI or his/her designee must:

  1. prepare a requisition,
  2. attach the subcontract agreement to the requisition in PRO and
  3. release the requisition to Procurement.

Procurement will obtain necessary signatures. Thereafter, an executed copy of the subcontract/subaward along with a transmittal letter indicating the LSU Subcontract/Subaward Number (also known as the University purchase order number) will be sent to the subcontractor/subawardee.

If a modification to the subcontract becomes necessary, the same procedures as specified above are to be applied to the modified subcontract. However, after OSP electronically sends modification to the PI, the PI or his/her designee must prepare a purchase order alteration, attach the subcontract modification to the purchase order alteration and release the purchase order alteration to Procurement.

Please note that any questions regarding Subaward/Subcontracts associated with a grant should be directed to the Office of Sponsored Programs.




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