Any use of university funds for entertainment must comply with PS-11, and only caterers who have been licensed by LSU in accordance with PS-60 may provide catering services within LSU facilities and premises.

Caterers desiring to become so licensed must meet the university's catering requirements and complete the  licensing agreement and return it to Procurement Services.

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Effective February 24, 1997, LSU entered into a lease agreement with Compass Group USA, doing business at LSU as LSU Dining, for providing campus dining services. Excluded from the agreement are dining services for the University Laboratory School, Athletic Concessions, self-catered food events (PS-60), and any other food catering done on campus outside the leased premises. The lease program is administered by Auxiliary Services (578-5208).

Catering Within Leased Premises

Because LSU Dining has an exclusive right to provide dining services on the premises it has leased from LSU, they are considered a sole source for catering services within the leased premises. Leased premises for catering include: Club at Union Square, 459 Commons, and The 5. LSU Dining also operates seven satellite locations (Patrick F. Taylor Hall, Design Building, Middleton Library, Business Education Complex, Foster Café, Hebert Law Center and the School of Veterinary Medicine'), and two convenience stores (459 Outakes and Take 5).

If the catered event is within the leased premises (as described), competitive pricing is not required, regardless of cost. Catering services within the leased premises are to be coordinated with Chartwells.

Catering at Campus Locations Other Than Leased Premises

The purchase of catering services for campus locations, other than the leased premises, must follow purchasing procedures as follows:

  • A licensed caterer must be used if prepared or served on campus. Supplier is not required to be licensed if only delivering food to campus.

  • The AS499 should be completed and approved by the department PRIOR to the event.

  • All special meal functions are subject to the special meal rates defined in PS-11 and PM-13.

  • If the total cost of catering is $10,000 or less, no competitive pricing is required.

  • If the event is catered by LSU Dining, no competitive pricing is required regardless of cost, and is to be coordinated with Chartwells.

  • If the total cost of the catered event is over $10,000, and paid with state funds (FD100, FD101, FD102) or restricted funds (FD241, FD250), a requisition and an approved AS499 must be submitted to Procurement Services prior to the event and competitive prices must be obtained from licensed caterers. Please see Accounting Services' memo regarding using special meal limits in lieu of three competitive bids when no state funds are involved, regardless of cost.

Lod Cook - Catering, Conference Space Rental & Lodging

A completed AS540 (Request for Approval - Cook Conference Center) is to be attached to the Lod Cook Alumni Center Agreement and forwarded to Accounts Payable & Travel for approval. Once the AS540 is approved, Accounts Payable will forward the packet to Procurement Services for contract approval. Any catering services provided in this facility must be obtained from approved Lod Cook caterers.




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