B&H Foto & Electronics Corp

B&H Photo-Video is the primary supplier of audio and visual equipment, supplies and accessories (cameras, professional audio equipment, projectors, televisions, whiteboards) for Louisiana State University.

Benefits of the master contract supplier relationship are that LSU receives outstanding pricing on audio and visual equipment and supplies, free standard ground freight, no-hassle return policy, dedicated on-campus representation, and additional discounts for new IT projects. Instructions for using a punch-out catalog can be found in the "Create Requisition from Supplier Website" job aid available at Workday Training > Finance Training > Procurement.

Local Sales Representatives

LSU Account Team

Adam Donnelly
Sales Team Lead
Office: 212-239-7500 Ext. 2997


B & H Photo-Video Ordering Information
Question Answer
Order Status feature available in Punch-out Yes - "Track Your Order" using Customer Number "53259570" and your PO Number.
Email Order Acknowledgement sent to Requester Yes
Email Ship Acknowledgement sent to Requester Yes
Deadline for Orders to Ship Same Day 3:00 p.m. CST
Standard delivery time 3-5 Business Days
Shipping and Handling charges No charge for standard UPS ground shipping for orders under 70 lbs. Orders over 70 lbs. will incur additional charges, which will appear at the header level of the invoice. Expedited shipping options are available when you are creating your order in the punch-out.
E-quote functionality available in Punch-out Yes, you can request quotes from your local Sales Representative.
**Note: Quotes are now able to be accessed in the punch-out catalog. Please follow the onscreen instructions to access quotes and convert them into carts.
Order History feature available in Punch-out No
Favorites/Hotlists feature available in Punch-out No
Order cancellation and returns For all cancellations or returns, please email LOUISIANA@BHphoto.com. You will be required to have a written confirmation from the supplier to clear the Workday encumbrance.
Catalog Product Restrictions

Yes, the following categories:

  • Breakroom Supplies (i.e. plates, cutlery, etc.)
  • Food/Snacks
  • Ink/Toner (unless SKUs are not sold by Office Depot)
  • Remanufacturered Ink/Toner
Additional Notes N/A


All questions concerning this contract should be directed to Procurement Services at 225-578-2176 or purchase@lsu.edu.

Rev 8/22/2022

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