Authorized Dealer Repairs

Authorized Dealer equipment repairs and/or associated repair parts are noncompetitive per the Higher Education Procurement Code, LAC34:XIII Section 525.A (1) and/or (2). Noncompetitive purchases are exempt from Procurement Service's prior approval per Procedure PRO-U525.A.

For purchases exceeding $10,000, documentation from the OEM stating that the supplier is an authorized dealer of the OEM must be attached to the invoice, expense report or the requisition. The documentation can be in the form of a current email, letter or printout from the OEM's website, etc. or, the OEM can complete the FRM-U525.A.01-02 - Authorized Dealer Certification Form.

No purchase order is required for the University's use regardless of dollar amount. However, if the supplier requires a written purchase order, the department must release a requisition to Procurement Services with a quote and the Authorized Dealer Certification Form or other documentation from the OEM that confirms supplier's authorized dealer status attached.

Rev 6/14/21




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