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Request for Proposals
Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal for the 2009 Gulf-South Summit.
Proposals are no longer being accepted.
2009 Summit Theme:
Civic Engagement at the Crossroads:  Rethinking Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities

The maturing of service-learning and civic engagement during the last quarter of the 20th century challenged us to rethink the concepts of “service” and “learning.” Service can no longer be taken for granted, complicated by questions of who serves and who is served. Learning has also been complicated by blurred lines between learner and teacher.

The 21st century challenges us to take seriously such possibilities as students as teachers, faculty as learners, and new models for community partners. Thus the questions multiply: Can we expand our stakeholder base to government and corporate partners? How can students take on teaching and leadership roles? What models help faculty to learn best? How can community partners share the role of instructor?

Join colleagues representing a variety of stakeholders at the 2009 Gulf-South Summit to explore the many ways service-learning and civic engagement can be redefined to meet the needs of the 21st century.

We invite proposals for presentations in the following three tracks. Each track suggests potential topics:

1. Rethinking Student Roles:
Students as Colleagues, Students as Mentors, Students as Service Recipients, Students as Advocates, Students as Researchers, Students as Partner Liaisons, Students as Co-Authors, Student Leadership Models, Preparing Students for Partnership Roles
, Students with Different Abilities

2. Rethinking Faculty Roles:
Faculty as Learners, Faculty as Peer Reviewers, Faculty as Reflective Practitioners, Faculty as Community Members, Faculty as Recipients, Faculty as Partners in Research, Faculty Mentoring Models, Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations, Preparing Faculty for Partnership Roles, Cross-Campus Collaborations, Faculty and their Academic Communities

3. Rethinking Community Roles:
Community Partners as Co-Educators, Community as Research Partners, Collaborations with Government and Business, Specific Neighborhood Partnerships, Sustained Relationships, Community Advisory Roles, Transformational Partnerships, International Partnerships, Forming and Closing Relationships, Unpacking Community Stereotypes, Hearing Community Voices, Faith-Based Partners, Unusual Consortia

Presentations will be accepted in the following formats:

Individual Presentation:
Presentations will be grouped together according to topic. Each presenter will have 15 minutes.

Panel Discussion:
A 75-minute presentation by co-panelists assembled by a primary presenter.                                               
Interactive Workshop:
A 75-minute workshop facilitated by one or more co-presenters.

A visual table presentation. Guidelines to follow. The poster session will be Wednesday, Mar. 25th, 5-7 pm.

For more information, contact the Center for Community Engagement, Learning, and Leadership
Louisiana State University -- B-31 Coates Hall -- Baton Rouge, LA 70803
225-578-3704 --