Tiger Twelve

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Tiger Twelve Class of 2023, a student must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5
  • Graduate in May, August, or December of 2023
  • Have current full-time status at LSU (unless graduating in May 2023)
  • Be in good academic and accountability standing
    • Includes students participating in student teaching, co-ops, and academically sponsored programs.
    • Having an accountability record will not automatically disqualify a student from becoming a Tiger Twelve.

Award Criteria

In order to become a Tiger Twelve recipient, students must demonstrate dedication to the principles of the LSU Community in at least two of the following commitment areas: 

  • Commitment to intellectual achievement involves going above and beyond in pursuit of academic success. Examples include but are not limited to earning strong academic marks, engaging in research, helping others achieve academically, or showing a strong involvement in academic activities.
  • Commitment to inclusive excellence captures those individuals who have helped moved the proverbial needle in regards to promoting inclusion and equity efforts on campus. In demonstrating strong advocacy and/or shaping culture through organization/coalition building, those deserving of this recognition have contributed to building a strong and inclusive campus environment.
  • Commitment to leadership in campus life acknowledges students who have shown a high capacity for leadership. Moreover, these individuals have utilized this ability to become a change agent on campus. Whether leadership manifests in the form of student organization membership, engagement in residential life, or excellence in the field of athletics; leadership does not have to be solely positional, instead it’s impactful and transformational.
  • Commitment to service captures the experience of those who gave of themselves in an impactful way either through traditional service (community, student worker, etc.) or through the helping to make some aspect of the lived experiences of others fundamentally better. 


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